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For a meal to excite the taste buds, it has to contain the perfect mix of ingredients in the right proportion. The same applies to your outfit. For an appealing appearance—one that draws admiring stares and complements—you need to accessorize properly.

Of course, if you aren’t a professional fashion stylist in Philadelphia, you’ll find it hard to accessorize. But accessorizing doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive affair. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best accessory like a pro and slay in your charming outfit.

What is Accessorizing?

Accessorizing is a way to spruce up your outfits by incorporating fashion pieces, like jewelry and shoes, bag, etc., into your look. Fashion accessories are pieces that are selected to complement your overall appearance.

Accessorizing properly will help you stand out. It also allows you to demonstrate your personality and create a strong style statement. Here are a few tips on selecting the best accessories for your outfit.

Selecting the best accessories for your outfit: 4 tips

Want to select your accessories like a fashion pro? Consider these four tips:

1. Don’t overwhelm your outfit with accessories

What happens when you use excess salt and pepper in your meatloaf? It becomes awful, right? That is exactly what happens when you over-accessorized. Over-accessorizing means having too many accessories on your outfit.

Yes, we understand the urge to flaunt your expensive necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. However, you must realize that less is more when it comes to fashion accessories. So rather than overwhelm your beautiful outfit with multiple accessories, consider picking 3 or 4 accessories. And, of course, whatever you choose should match each other in terms of color, style, and material.

2. Don’t hide a large collar underneath a bulky scarf

Many of us prefer to wear our coats during winter to protect our bodies from the cold temperature. However, some of us often add a large scarf to our outfit, probably to complement our appearance or protect our neck from the cold.

Such a combo is wrong, especially if you are on a large collar coat. If you wish to incorporate a scarf into your dress, you can consider a light handkerchief. It’s small, and it doesn’t make you look disorganized.

3. Select the right jewelry

Jewelry is like spices; it spruces up your appearance while boosting self-confidence. To ensure that your jewelry complement your outfit, accentuates your best features, and speaks volumes of your personality, you need to consider these tips:

  • Select jewelry based on the color of your clothes
  • Select jewelry based on the occasion
  • Choose jewelry depending on your neckline
  • Choose bold pieces for plain outfits
  • Choose jewelry that will complement your skin tone

For individuals new to jewelry, you can begin with a subtle piece of jewelry like a little diamond stud, thin hoop earrings, or a delicate pendant necklace.

While considering these tips, remember that where you buy your jewelry matters. You can consider buying your jewelry from estate jewelry in Philadelphia for quality reasons. Whether you need an exceptional piece of necklace for an event, rings for your upcoming wedding, or bracelets to match your outfit, they have it all.

4. Go for fun and comfortable shoes.

In a study carried out by the University of Kansas, researchers discovered that people could make correct predictions about a person’s personality trait based on the type of shoes they wear. That is not all.

It is also said that your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Considering the two statistics, it is crucial that you wear:

  • Nice shoes
  • Shoes that speak well of your personality

While selecting the ideal shoe to wear, ensure that you go for one that is fun and comfortable. Plus, go for shoes that match your clothes and not compete with them.


Accessories can make or break your appearance. It can do the latter if you select them well, and the former if you disregard the rules for accessorizing. Ensure you don’t over-accessorize in the name of trying to draw attention. Instead, go with 3-4 accessories and ensure that they sync with your outfit.


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