10 incredible Australian labels making shopping online for curves easy


Following trends and finding fashion that reflects you way you feel has always been a challenge for women with curves. But that is fast changing.

While there is still a long way to go, it finally feels like the plus size market’s voice is being heard with fashion for everybody and every body making its way into mainstream labels and stores.

But how do you find it? We can help …

Larger department stores like Cotton On and Best and Less are understanding that extended sizes doesn’t mean a tiny section in the back of the store full of shapeless, colourless sacks. Funky, modern designs in extended sizes are fast becoming norm as the market understands that women with curves have money to spend and places to go while looking fabulous!

And while it’s high time that the bigger names came to that realisation, smaller labels and brands have known it for a while. We’ve shared some of our favourite Aussie online stores full of the beautiful, lush fashion that curves deserve in the gallery below.

10 great places to shop online for Aussie curve fashion


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