Now more than ever, strong female voices are making themselves heard in industries across the board, and we can’t help but sit back to listen. The geniuses behind some of our go-to brands, these women are spearheading companies that not only help us look and feel good, but have become champions of size inclusivity and diversity. So, with March being officially deemed as Women’s History Month, what better time to shine a spotlight on these deserving gals than now? Ahead, you’ll find 15 women-owned brands making moves and changing the world bit by bit to throw your support behind yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Best Women-Owned Brands at a Glance:

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Best Wellness Brand

Golde was born out of Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s small Brooklyn apartment in 2017. Equipped with a searing passion for holistic health, Wofford launched the health line in the hopes of transforming the wellness industry into a space more inclusive and accessible for all. Years later, her supplement blends have amassed a cult-following, growing to include powdered tonics, face masks, latte kits and more.

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Most Fun Clothing Brand

If dressing head-to-toe in vibrant colors and bold patterns sounds like you, Lisa Says Gah is basically your own wardrobe playground. The brand’s goal is literally in the name, with creator Lisa Buhler’s aim at producing show-stopping—or in this case gah-worthy—pieces, amidst a space in which independent design, diversity and design thrive. Since its inception, Buhler’s brand has blossomed into a pro-community, anti-fast fashion, playfully colored example of retail’s future, putting a smile on customers’ faces one patterned sweater vest at a time.

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Best Shoe Brand

When we think of Jane Frances’ iconic shoe line, the words timeless, luxurious and quality craftsmanship come to mind. The brand offers a spectacular array of seriously gorgeous shoes, from sandals and flats to loafers and boots, all of which have garnered a celeb-heavy fan club. (We’re talking the likes of Margot Robbie, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Zoe Kravitz, just to name a few.) But because producing footwear of the highest quality isn’t enough, Dear Frances has a clear focus on making a positive impact, working with charities to secure employment for women and taking part in the Soles4Souls movement.

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Best Candle Brand

Shavaun, creator of Spoken Flames, started her entrepreneurial journey solely based on a personal obsession with candles. (Relatable.) Despite being a mainstay in her self-care routine, she found that the candles she used were missing…something. And thus, Spoken Flames was born, addressing an unmet need to produce candles that feel personal, intimate and immersive. Each Spoken Flames candle gives the user a multisensory experience: decadent aromas, a soothing wick crackle and self-affirming message in each.

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Best Underwear Brand

Surprise! Nude is not a one-size-fits-all color, a problem Nude Barre founder and CEO Erin Carpenter took notice of, and set out to remedy. The result is a unique line of underwear, coming in 12 different shades of nude to better reflect the full spectrum of skin tones—because women deserve to have undies that let them feel good in the skin they’re in.

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Best Fragrance Brand

A deep-seated passion for cologne led Carina Chaz to turn her personal appreciation into a full-fledged business. A fragrance brand that describes itself as unisex, Dedcool’s water-free formulas are made with organic extracts for fragrances that are stronger, longer-lasting and clean, as well as fully biodegradable, plant-based and sustainably sourced.

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Best Lifestyle Brand

Sick and tired of not seeing themselves represented in fashion-centered conversations, sisters Rachel Topping and Rikki-Richelle decided to do something about it. Thus the duo birthed Nappy Hair Club, an apparel and lifestyle brand focused on delivering inclusivity in fashion, with sorry-not-sorry styles that celebrate self-acceptance and cultural pride for BIPOC consumers.

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Best Activewear Brand

Say it with us: Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical wellbeing—which is the main message behind Marisa Melson’s line of athleisure. Taking on a more holistic approach to mental health, her brand promotes giving yourself permission to reset and recharge, offering resources to help consumers take better care of themselves, all while being snuggled up in some seriously comfy loungewear.

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Best Handbag Brand

Staud creator, Sarah Staudinger, co-founded the label in 2015. Her goal? To create stylish, eye-catching handbags that wouldn’t break the bank. Since then, Staud has done its due diligence in delivering it-bag after it-bag, from sleek over-the-shoulder purses to funky, vintage-inspired pieces that look as though they’ve been plucked straight off a second-hand rack.

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Best Jewelry Brand

Chances are you’ve come across Mejuri before, whether it be in your own jewelry search or an influencer’s IG story. Safe to safe the brand has skyrocketed to jewelry stardom, backed by a dedicated following of wearers that adore the minimalist yet statement-making pieces. The brains behind the operation, Noura Sakkijha, created the brand in hopes of delivering fine jewelry that was not only affordable but also perfect for every day wear. In short, Sakkijha has done just that, racking up devoted fans as she goes.

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Best Floral Brand

We’d ask you to guess where Cameron Hardesty’s sustainable floral company, Poppy, began, but it’s so out of left field, it’d take forever for you to guess correctly. Spoiler alert: Hardesty’s idea for Poppy was born in the White House. (Yes, really.) Enjoying her career but facing a creative slump she was desperate to get out of, the floral fanatic began to volunteer with the White House’s Chief Floral Designer, and voila, Poppy bloomed into existence. Years later, Poppy has grown into one of the largest e-commerce gifting companies in the country, delivering sustainably grown bouquets that smell just as beautiful as they look.

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Best Skincare Brand

Meet Doctor Loretta Ciraldo, an in-demand dermatologist with 40 years of experience. Having spent countless hours providing full-body exams to patients, she couldn’t help but notice the effect sun exposure had on the skin. So she set out to find a solution, ultimately creating her own skincare line (and a highly successful one at that) to stop early signs of aging dead in their tracks and offer some heavy-duty UV protection.

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Best Multifunctional Beauty Brand

Alleyoop founder Leila Kashani Manshoory didn’t want to create any old beauty line. She wanted hers to be unique, offering modern takes on classic product mainstays. Safe to say she delivered—Alleyoop’s products are some of the niftiest we’ve ever seen, optimized for easy use and efficiency. Think 4-in-1 makeup brushes, stacked blush shades, a 4-in-1 eyeliner pencil that looks exactly like a real pencil and an all-in-one soap, razor combo—just to name a few.

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Best Cookware Brand

There is a never-ending stream of praises for Our Place’s stylish and useful as hell cookware—and we can certainly see why. Overwhelmed by the clutter and wasted space too many pots and pans can cause, Our Place founder Shiza Shadid embarked on a mission to simplify the mess. What she came up with was a cult-favorite pan that was not only easy on the eyes but took the place of other skillets, combining them to create an 8-in-1 skillet that serves as a fry and sautee pan, steamer, saucepan and more.

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Best Sexual Wellness Brand

Erupting onto the wellness scene back in 2014, Dame is the lovechild of sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Liebermen. Together they created a line of sex toys with quite the resume: doctor-approved models, people-centered research, a rainbow of pastel colors and minimalist designs, each unique in the way it offers pleasure. And besides, is there no better time to treat yourself to a new sex toy than Women’s History Month? We think not.

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