20 Cool Shoulder Tattoos For Women That You Must Try


Tattoos have been a part of our society from the birth of tribes’ communities. However, they are no longer confined to tribes; they have now become a fashion trend. Shoulder tattoo has always been in trend for women. One of the most sensual and feminine regions of a woman’s body is her shoulder. It shows off a little body without showing too much, and it’s an excellent location for tattoos. As a result, shoulder tattoos for women have a lot of opportunities to grow. With so many possibilities available, deciding on a design might be difficult.

Here is a collection of shoulder tattoos for women

1. Shoulder Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are best for women’s shoulders for their beauty and variations. There are several flowers to pick from, each has its significance. Having said that, floral ink, in general, implies beauty, affection, and life. A gladiolus flower is linked with family, whilst the peony is associated with good fortune and honor.

2. A Dragon in the shoulder

The most interesting fantasy beasts are dragons. While dragons are associated with evil in Western civilizations, they are associated with good fortune and monarchy in Eastern traditions. Dragons might be an excellent pick if you seek something both empowering and terrifying.

3. Design for an eternal family bond

This is one of the most beautiful shoulder tattoos for women I’ve ever seen. It depicts a never-ending cycle of family and love. The pattern is basic but attractive, and it may include little flowers and your family symbol. It’s both simple and attractive.

4. Mother-child bond tattoo

The mother and child bond is one of the most cherished bonds. Those of you who have recently become moms and are enjoying motherhood can flaunt this tattoo to mark the memory of this phase of life.

shoulder tattoos for women

5. Tattoo of a dream catcher

When tattooed over your shoulder, a dream catcher tattoo looks just fantastic. It’s a pattern that pairs nicely with other pictures, so you may create a large, elaborate tattoo if you want to. The complexity of the piece, as well as its meaning, contribute to the dream catcher’s attractiveness.

shoulder tattoos for girls

6. Sunflower tattoo on the shoulder

Sunflower tattoos are a reminder of being close to nature. This design looks extremely attractive on women’s shoulder blades. They’re regarded as among the inspirational tattoo designs, making them ideal for anybody trying to let out their inner creativity in the world.

shoulder tattoos for women

7. Tattoos of wanderlust

The majority of us like traveling and exploring new areas. As a result, this tattoo is ideal for folks who enjoy traveling. It features a basic design that may include a compass, a plane or vehicle, and some stars, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy traveling.

8. Stars and planets

The star’s design is one of the most popular tattoo designs due to its simplicity. It’s a great choice for your first tattoo since it may be little and basic or larger and more elaborate; body art doesn’t have to be dull, and there is a range of styles to pick from. A star is frequently associated with protection and direction.

9. Shoulder butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is a lovely insect frequently associated with metamorphosis and change. They can be tattooed to indicate a period of progress or emphasize the future while letting go of the past. It’s also a species linked with elegance and liberty.

butterfly shoulder tattoos

10. Skull tattoo on shoulder

It has a way of conveying power, elegance, and beauty. Female skull tattoos are most commonly found on the back or shoulder, with feminine but bold lines. The skull tattoo for women is a method of expressing strength and bravery and a gentle feminine side.

11. Design with simple feathers

This is a basic design that is both attractive and fashionable. In black ink, the feather on the back of the neck looks magnificent. You may either utilize the same design or turn it upside down to make a new one.

12. Cross tattoo on the shoulders

The cross is shown in the middle of your upper arm, which is the most frequent location for this sort of design. Some ladies like the classic crucifixion, while others want a more styled version. This sort of tattoo looks great when done correctly. It’s ideal for ladies who wish to express their beliefs without getting blatantly religious tattoos.

13. Fairy shoulder tattoo

A magical fairy, a winged angel, within a floral background are among the most popular tattoo ideas for women. A sweet fairy design with a delicate female figure having a magical wand and huge wings is one of the most popular styles of shoulder tattoos for women.

14. Delicate floral tattoo design

If you want a massive floral tattoo design that you can show off, a piece that covers your shoulder and partially your arm is a great choice. You may select from delicate and feminine motifs like flowers and vines.

15. Rose shoulder tattoos

Rose is the epitome of feminine charm and beauty. If you want something which you can carry for years across all kinds of celebrations and seasons then a rose shoulder tattoo is a good choice.

shoulder tattoos for women

16. Shoulder tattoo in Celtic style

Celtic tattoos are distinguished by their intricate knotwork. The designs were frequently abstract, but they might also be symbolic, such as the trinity knot. Tattoos of Celtic knots are frequently done in black ink or greyscale, but they can also be colored.

17. Mandala tattoo

For ladies, the Mandala is a popular tattoo design. The Mandala is a harmonic pattern with detailed symmetrical motifs in many hues that are frequently used as a symbol of adornment. In Sanskrit, the term “mandala” means “circle,” and it is commonly used to signify totality, completion, or eternity in numerous cultures.

shoulder tattoos for women

18. Shoulder tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are influenced by a variety of civilizations, yet they have evolved into a technique. Thick, black lines that appear to move on your body are frequently used to delineate them. The significance of tribal motifs varies by culture. However, they are frequently connected with protection and strength if you choose something more stylized.

19. Koi fish design

Fish are among the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and their tattoo designs are no exception. A design of a koi fish has been provided here. The artist drew the little fish in black ink and applied shading to give it a three-dimensional appearance. If you want a distinctive design, you may go with one of these tattoos.

20. Tiger in the shoulder

This tattoo can be huge or little, but it usually spans the majority of the back, under the arm, and down to the breast. The tiger itself might be naturalistic or cartoonish. This tattoo denotes strength, bravery, and power. Because of the animal’s mystical features, some people think that a tiger tattoo indicates a link to the spirit realm.

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Normally, every tattoo has significance. However, others are created just for their beauty. Both men, as well as women, desire a unique tattoo to exhibit. Shoulder tattoos for women are becoming increasingly popular. They benefit from being extremely easy to hide at work or in any other professional place.


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