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May is Gold Month is always something I look forward to each year, and the excitement and anticipation of this year is very real. Confession: I often will hoard things that I’ve purchased for myself and not reveal them until MIGM! It is like keeping a surprise or secret from a friend, but I’ve been getting good at it since I’ve done MIGM since 2014. This year’s karat gold pieces feature lots of never-before-seen pieces that I’ve been hiding from you!

For this collaboration, the MIGM team and I like to create an overarching theme or common thread that weaves each weekly trend together. Something that has a deeper meaning than what jewelry looks like on the surface — something that is a reflection of current events and connects us all through karat gold, bringing us together. No doubt, this year we’ve settled on a golden mantra of sorts — kind of like YOLO, but with a 2022 spin. We want to unite everyone under the thought of “wearing it all” and a “no rules, just wear what you love” type of thinking. You don’t need a special occasion to wear karat gold, you don’t need to keep it locked up in a safe and taken out once a year…wear your gold jewelry all day, everyday!

I love the sentiment behind this and I’ve taken it to heart. I’ve been wearing more pieces this past year on a daily basis — the kind you don’t take off too often. I’ve added a stack of karat gold bangles that never leave my wrist, and although at first it felt strange to shower and sleep in them, now after wearing them for around 6 months they are a part of me. I like the fact that I always have on some gold, even if I’m wearing my pajamas. I feel pulled together, even at my messiest points throughout my day as a working, stay-at-home mom.

And that’s what I love about karat gold jewelry — it makes you instantly feel a certain way.  Whether it’s a feeling of joy, fanciness, completeness, or just plain beautiful…karat gold jewelry holds a power and exudes memories every time it’s worn. I’m so excited to talk about all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold like years in the past, focusing on layering it ALL, expressing yourself through jewelry and a “no rules” mantra.

With each week during May Is Gold Month, I’ll showcase and discuss the weekly trend by sharing what it is and give a few pointers on how you can style pieces within each trend category. May Is Gold Month will also provide some “gold deals” on pieces of gold jewelry from each trend category from retailers they’ve partnered with from the jewelry industry. So be sure you’re following along with May is Gold Month on their social media platforms. And we might even have a fun giveaway in store!

Without further ado, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.

MIGM Gold Bracelet Trends

Week One: Gold Bracelets

Last MIGM was the beginning of my karat gold bracelet obsession. I can confidently say that it has only grown stronger since then. I’ve added a few new vintage finds, including a newfound love for really unique and chunky gold links. This trio has been my go-to, with the top one being this past year’s Christmas present. The middle one I just got a few weeks ago after a late-night online browsing session. Of course, my San Marco link has been a tried and true favorite for many years! Do you have any chunky karat gold bracelets? I’d love to see!

MIGM Gold Ring Trends

Week Two: Gold Rings

This year’s theme of “layering it all” and “wearing what you love” has me looking back on my favorite ring looks over the years. There was a time when I wouldn’t go a day without a tiny baby ring worn at the very top of my pinky. Then I went through a phase where I collected several plain karat gold baby rings, and wore them in a unique pattern. That was one of my favorite looks, so I decided to bring it back! Sometimes we make excuses for not wearing pieces or maybe even forget what we used to love. I’m thankful for Instagram and documenting my jewelry style throughout the years, because it is always fun to look back on. Also, helps keep a good memory of pieces because there have been so many where I’m like, “wait what happened to that ring?!”

MIGM Gold Hoop Trends

Week Three: Gold Hoops

Everyday I’m reminded of how powerful and timeless karat gold hoops are. I recently poked fun of how I have so many different pairs of earrings, yet continually wear the same pair of plain gold tube hoops I’ve had since college. To be fair, my grandma gave them to me from her personal collection, so they are somewhat sentimental. With that said, I’ve decided that investing in more unique karat gold hoops will be a priority of mine this year, since I get so much wear out of them. I love all styles, from lightweight tube hoops, to drop-down ones, and even ones with omega backs. What is your favorite karat gold hoop style?

MIGM Gold Necklace Trends

Week Four: Gold Necklaces

This past year I added a few karat gold statement necklaces and chains to my collection, including a heavy textured large link chain shown here. Finding that key length is so important and as you wear necklaces, I challenge you to keep a measuring tape on hand to figure out which lengths you’re missing from your dream stack. For me, this chain came across my desk as a 30-something inch long chain. It was beautiful in every way, but over 30″ of it was overwhelming on me and a little *expensive.* I had the idea of shortening it and adding large rings on each end instead of a clasp. This allowed for some creativity with adding a lock or connector of some sort to close it, and I finally purchased a Marla Aaron lock to give it the finishing touch. It is a karat gold necklace I will treasure forever! I highly recommend rethinking your clasps and shortening or lengthening a chain so you wear it more often!

MIGM Gold Earring Trends

Week Five: Gold Earrings

Geometric dangles, golden ankhs, dainty studs, and everything in between. I recommend pulling together all your karat gold earrings at once and looking at them as a whole collection. It helps me identify which styles I wear most often and what to buy next. I recently lost a pair of my most favorite stud earrings and I’ve been on the hunt trying to find a similar pair. What are your favorite karat gold earrings? I would love to see!

MIGM Gold Men’s Jewelry Trends

Week Six: Men’s Gold

My husband has been wearing lots of karat gold necklace layers, his favorite heavy curb bracelet and of course some gemstone rings almost daily. He works part-time at a liquor store and his jewelry is often the topic of conversation for customers. He has met a lot of jewelry lovers this way and some really interesting people. I think more and more men are exploring karat gold jewelry and wanting to wear it, which makes me really happy. I hope my husband’s jewelry style can inspire others!

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