Going to your SAT means you need to be fully prepared. Not just with knowledge but also with a few items that if you forget home, you might fail your test. You don’t want something like this to happen because this test is one of the most important in your life.

Even if we’re talking about something less serious, you should still mind the items you have on you. Most of you will probably instantly think of the smartphone, but this is not among the items. Your smartphone is not allowed in the room, so some other items will cover the convenience the smartphone provides.

1. Glasses

The first item on the list is your pair of glasses. Of course, if you don’t wear them and you see well without one, then you don’t have to worry about this, but stats say you probably do wear one. Over 52% of the students taking an SAT and more than 75% of adults in the US have glasses.

They are needed for seeing perfectly. If you forget them, there’s no one else that can be helpful as your eyes are specific and no other pair of glasses will fill in for you perfectly. That’s why you must have in mind not to forget your glasses.

It doesn’t matter if you have cool Hugo Boss glasses or some ordinary ones who have no brand. This is not the time to be a fashion icon. Your results are above everything, so make sure you have them on you.

2. Calculator

Remember when we said that you can’t have your smartphone with you? That’s why you need a calculator. A calculator is a device that is now standardly implemented into your phone, but if you don’t have it, then you need the item from the store.

With it, you can easily calculate the numbers in the assigned problem and get the right solution. If you have no calculator, and you’re not allowed to touch your phone, then you might fail to get the right answer to the problem.

3. Water

Before and after the test, you’re often under stress. Even those who do not admit they are under stress, still feel it. During this time, it’s crucial to stay hydrated. If you’re not, your mind will work slower and focus on issues that will prevent you from getting excellent results.

Always carry a bottle of water with you and be sure that you get a few sips before the test. Of course, remember to go to the bathroom too and not make another problem by drinking too much water before the test. Learn more about the effects of water here.


These three items are crucial for having a successful SAT or any other test. Before leaving home, make sure you have these three things and go have some fun. If you have them on you, you’ll be more confident and that will only improve the chance to pass with a higher score.