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Many struggle with writing assignments. Such large projects require experience and special skills, and not every student has the time. Let’s go through the top five writing mistakes students make and ways to prevent them. These simple tips help you develop a better approach to writing. 

Problem # 1: Lack of time

Students are notoriously bad with timing. That’s also where most essay issues come from. Young people simply don’t plan enough time for long writing assignments. As a result, students end up rushing, making all kinds of mistakes and messes while also working under too much pressure and stress. 

A student needs to start working on an assignment as soon as he or she gets one. Students should start planning their work, scheduling their time, and finding room in their timetable for this work long before the deadline. Working on an essay sometimes takes days, if not weeks. So, to finish things without a rush, one needs to follow the basic pre-planning on their essay work. 

Problem # 2: Poor preparations

Brainstorm, make drafts, research, and outline your future essay. Unfortunately, young people often start their papers lacking essential preparations. Repeating such a mistake over and over again will make you think poorly about your writing skills. However, you haven’t tapped into them. Such a big mistake messes with your skills and abilities to express thoughts and ideas in a coherent, organized, and well-structured way.

Fortunately, overcoming such an issue is rather simple. Students just need to spend time planning their work before starting it. So, before writing is even on the table, start with earlier tasks. For example, first, students need to read and understand instructions. It also includes asking professors any additional questions, in case you have those. 

Secondly, a student needs to understand the topic and theme of writing. Such a step requires research, a lot of reading, and analysis. It’s also important to make notes and write down citations and data to use further in the text. 

Finally, no essay preparations are complete without drafts and an outline. These last pieces of writing provide students with writing strategies and structure.

Problem #3: Panic

Young people tend to panic as soon as they see the word ‘essay.’ They start to think about how much time they need to dedicate, where to find it, how hard the topic is, and whether they know what to do about it. Immediately their brain goes into panic mode. Of course, such an approach is a mistake. Panic never helps anybody. Sure, it’s easier said than done. That’s why there are tips you can follow before each writing session.

First, never sit at the desk unprepared. Dealing with problem #2 will also help decrease stress and anxiety. Second, it’s all about confidence. Remember this. There is no right or wrong way to write an essay as long as you stick to the data and offer your own ideas on the matter. Sure, there are many technical aspects to consider. Though, teachers are often ready to excuse little writing faults when they see the actual thought processes and research behind your words. 

Last, practice some self-calming strategies before each writing session. Breathe. Avoid any distractions. Perhaps, read some domyessay reviews in case you need an urgent plan B at some point. Overall, find ways to focus your thoughts and relax.

Problem # 4: Weak thesis statement 

A thesis statement is, without exaggeration, the most crucial part of any academic paper. This one sentence should consist of the very reason why you are writing an essay, what you are trying to achieve with it, and how you are doing to it. In other words, here, you inform your readers about the essence and goal of your paper. Figuring out a strong thesis statement is like building a strong foundation for the rest of the work.

Unfortunately, many students constantly struggle with this task. Sure, the best strategy for overcoming such a mistake is gaining more academic writing experience. However, it’s quite a long route. Your other option is to focus on the thesis before starting any writing plans. Writing such an element is a whole process. You should focus on what you’re trying to say, why it is important, and how you are going to prove it. Answering these things, along with developing a deep understanding of the paper’s topic, increases your success chances. 

Problem # 5: Writer’s block

Finally, many young people stubble across writer’s block at some point in their creative process. It’s quite a nasty thing to acquire – seeing your time go for nothing while you simply stare at a blank page. However, there is a lot you can do to overcome it within minutes or hours. For example, having a break should be the first solution here. Perhaps, you’ve just exhausted yourself and can’t keep up with such a pace anymore. Some rest will quickly fix that. 

Also, students can read their previous materials and work on editing. A change of work can also be beneficial. They can also ask for help from friends and family. Giving a paper for revision will help students gain a fresh perspective and new opinions. Meanwhile, you can also read a writepaper review just to know your other options. 

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