5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look at Home


True beauty comes from within, but sometimes we all need a little help to switch up our look and refresh our souls. If you’re waiting for the results of your latest beauty favorites to show, what are some fun, harm-free ways to reinvent your vibe?

How to Change Your Look?

Experiment with Eyeliner

You’d be surprised how much a subtle tweak to your daily makeup routine can change your look. While we can’t always go all-in with bright and bold colors (but totally do if you’d like to), you can add a subtle change to your daily look with eyeliner. Try a different pattern, or opt for a color you wouldn’t normally use. While black has become the beauty go-to for liner, a warm brown can offer a softer daytime look, and navy can brighten tired eyes.

Dewy Glow

The glow is in! While a healthy long-term beauty regime is the best way to ensure you glow from the inside out, you can cheat a little and add an illuminator to your makeup routine. Apply a little liquid illuminator down your nose, under your eyes, and along your cheekbones for a dewy skin that shines with health.

Style Your Hair

A brand new cut or color can do wonders to refresh your look. If you’re trying to avoid a permanent change, however, switching up your daily style can be a gamechanger. Longer hair is a bonus here, as there’s a range of scintillating updos you can use to bring style to the table, but even shorter hair can be adaptable. 

Change up your part, add a sparkling, elegant clip or barrette, use some styling gel, and have fun! You can always consider clip-in extensions for a pop of color or a changed look, too.

Energize your Eyes

While some skins are prone to dark circles naturally, for many of us they’re the result of staring at screens too long or simply lack of sleep. Luckily, there are a few beauty tricks that will pep those peepers right up! A caffeine serum will reduce puffiness and alleviate dark circles.  Also, use a hydrating eye cream that will smooth wrinkles and keep the skin around your eyes looking refreshed and hydrated. 

Caking on concealer can backfire, settling into fine lines, but a subtle color correction and a dab of a high-quality concealer can also help refresh your look. 

If you’d like a bolder change, consider a temporary color swap with some colored contact lenses. Remember to always choose an eye-healthy, high-quality colored contacts brand (we like Dimple) that fits your eyes properly, and always wear them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines- you don’t want to harm your eyes!

Boldly Bronze

Fake tanners have gotten a bad rap they don’t deserve. Modern brands allow you to build up a subtle effect that will look natural but glowing. Or you can use a simple dab of bronzer in your makeup routine to bring back a healthy glow. While real-world tanning is a big beauty no-no, you can give yourself some ‘just back from holiday’ style in a few minutes with fake tanners and indoor tanning. 

While it’s always worth investing in the long-term health and beauty of your skin, there’s nothing wrong with having some harmless fun, either! Which of these beauty tricks will you try first?


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