A Quick and Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine To Look Pulled Together In A Pinch


One thing to know about me, I absolutely love spending hours doing my makeup routine. Sitting at my vanity, taking my time, and picking out just the right products, makes me giddy. But let’s be honest, who has that kind of time regularly? I surely don’t, and neither do most people that I know.

Working as a makeup artist, I get the “I love this, but there’s no way I can do this at home” comments all the time. And mostly, it was about the time it took to achieve a full glam look. But no worries, I’ve perfected a way to get your makeup right in 10 minutes or less!

10 Minute Makeup Routine Step 1: Skip The Foundation

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When I’m in a rush, I skip the foundation altogether and opt for a concealer. I use one to brighten my under-eye and another that is my skin tone to spot cover any imperfections. You can use your fingers, a sponge, or a small concealer brush with concealer. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a great option to achieve coverage and a bright under-eye.


10 Minute Makeup Routine Step 2: Set It With A Powder

A Quick and Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine To Look Pulled Together In A Pinch
Image: Fashion Fair

 After applying the concealer, I set it with a pressed powder like the Fashion Fair Iconic Pressed Powder. A pressed powder sets the concealer, helps control oil and shine, and gives extra coverage should you need it after using your concealer. 

10 Minute Makeup Routine Step 3: Don’t Skip Out On Mascara and Brows!

Regardless of what makeup look, you’re going for, don’t skip your brows. Brows are the framework for your face, and when you’re in a rush, filling them in with a brow pencil helps you look instantly pulled together. The Brow Assist pencil from Bodyography is an easy-to-use brow pencil that helps shape and perfect your brows in a few simple swipes. In addition, a few coats of volumizing mascara can lengthen the lashes, giving you a brighter, more awake look. 

10 Minute Makeup Routine Step 4:Add A Pop Of Color

A Quick and Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine To Look Pulled Together In A Pinch
Image: Thread Beauty

For this step, I like to use products that can be used in more than one way—bronzer as an eyeshadow or lipstick as a blush. I love multi-stick products, for this reason, they’re great for adding a wash of color to your cheeks, eyelids, and lips. I recently discovered a new brand called Thread Beauty that has a creamy, pigmented multi-stick product that does all of that. The Blend It sticks comes in 14 shades and is creamy and easy to blend. Keep one or two in your bag for a quick look on the go. 

Will You Try This 10 Minutes Or Less Makeup Routine!?

With these tips, it’s easy to look pulled together in a little bit of time. So whether you’re getting ready for your next zoom, dropping the kids off at school, or out for drinks with your friends, you can get a simple look in 10 minutes or less. 

Let us know in the comments if these tips have helped!


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