TikToker explains why you shouldn’t shop there on the weekend and where you can get pretty clothes.

Eastbourne (Great Britain) – employment tik tok Anyone can become an expert in the topics they know through videos. Brittany Miller, British, specializes in shopping and advises users on buying clothes. The same goes for clothing giant Primark.

Primark is used for impulsive customers. What is the best time to get rid of offers? © Jacob King / PA Wire / dpa

Miller takes another young woman’s comment as a starting point.

She asks if her favorite Primark store is “down” because she can’t find the things she’s looking for there.

The vet refutes this opinion and recommends going to Primark a few times a week to get the best deals.

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She recommends “at least two to three times a week.” Then Miller explained that she goes shopping at the Primark branch in Eastbourne, UK, and that the shows there are less sold than in the big cities.

Last but not least, the British advise all followers and women who love to shop not to go to Primark on the weekend. Not because of impulsive customers. Instead, the store receives deliveries on different days of the week, but never on the weekend.

“What I find there on Tuesday, you certainly won’t find there on Saturday,” the dark-haired woman and brown leather jacket she wears in the video explains. The video has been well received by the internet community and has already garnered over 65,000 likes (as of October 24).

These are nice practical recommendations, but one cannot help but make a legitimate comment. “Two to three times a week, I work from Monday to Friday,” the person would like to say out loud Mirror Find out how the average consumer around the world arrives at a Primark branch several times a week.