I have been itching to get this just one finished so I could share it with you!

A several months in the past now, a really pretty lady received in make contact with and requested if I was capable to reduce off some rings that ended up trapped on her finger. She was suffering from arthritis, and just like I don’t forget seeing happening to my grandma’s fingers when I was much younger and she was however with us, her rings were being now nicely and definitely caught.

I guess my task is a little like medical procedures in any case. The preciseness and teeny weeny tolerances that I have to perform with, but on day’s wherever I have to truly lower a ring of a client’s finger, it really feels that way!!

It was my partner Nate that prompt I talk to my consumer if she would head me filming the “cutting off” system and thankfully, she agreed!

To get started with, the job was just that, slicing off the rings, but we did have a very little chat about either fixing and resizing or turning them into something else. My consumer determined that she’d fork out for me to occur up with a couple ideas for a pendant, again, not building any commitment to go forward, but she made the decision it was really worth £28 to get some strategies on paper.

Remodelled pendant drawings by Anna Fine Jewellery

My patterns for the pendant

(These times I generally do them on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.)

A number of months handed, I did some more research about magnetic clasps, and sooner or later, we decided on the design and style that you see in the pictures at the bottom of this web site. I think the diamonds that I took out of the eternity ring have been potentially the smallest I have ever had to established at just .9mm throughout (in no way end finding out)! I also of class integrated the sapphires, along with the gold from the unique rings established on top of recycled silver to comprehensive the pendant.

Finally, selection day is always a very little nerve wracking. It still does not genuinely get any a lot easier, even nevertheless I can’t really don’t forget anybody “not” liking their commissioned piece, but I guess the day when I’m not sensation nervous is the day that I should really possibly prevent, as its individuals nerves that gasoline the refinement and development of any artists work that ought to seriously Under no circumstances end!

A few operate in progress pics…











The completed pendant!



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