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Make sure to read first paragraph about how this version of Affordable Friday works!!!! Below in BOLD.

Welcome to today’s Affordable Friday! And yes, it’s Wednesday. I’ve kind of given up on posting these just on Fridays just because once I finish up a post, I’m so excited to share with you that I can’t wait until Friday. Ha! But the Affordable Friday name just kind of stuck. I’m so excited about this post because it’s a little different than my others mostly because everything is from Amazon! When you click the link for each item, it’s going to take you to my Live. Just scroll through the items below the video on the Live to shop each piece. So it’s a little different but hopefully easy to do.

Before you start reading, I want to say that I ordered all of these dresses recently and they all came within a week – many of them the next day! So if you want to get these dresses and have an upcoming event, chances are you a plenty of time to order them today and get them in time for your holiday party!

One more thing I wanna say is that I bought so so so many pieces of clothing, and have only chosen to show you the very best pieces. You know how there’s some people out there that can put absolutely anything on and look fabulous? I know you guys might think I’m one of those people, but I’m just not. I really believe I have chosen the most beautiful and flattering pieces for this Affordable Friday. So here we go!

Little Black Dress X2

I tend to lean towards sequins and red or green when I’m looking for holiday outfits. But I really wanted to try some things that were a little different for this blog post. So I wanted to share 2 super cute little black dresses starting with this one shoulder!

I truly was super skeptical when I ordered this dress mostly because I was worried that the fabric was going to be on the thin side and it wouldn’t keep a good shape like the photo just because it’s so so so affordable. This dress is legit on sale for $31 right now. Oh my gosh, did this dress deliver! Not only is the high-low skirt so so so cute, but the material is actually on the thick side which makes it perfect for this type of dress. This dress is an absolute steal at only $31. I highly recommend reading the reviews on Amazon site so you can see what other people are saying about it. Someone says it runs big but I got a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits me perfectly. I’m showing it to you guys both with and without tight so you can see it both ways.


I paired it in these next round of pictures with these really fun sparkly tights that I got that are so fun! Well, technically, they’re thigh highs, but they stay up really well. There’s definitely tights versions of them as well if you prefer that. Also, something to note is that I just got this in last night so I took these pictures super fast because I so badly wanted to include it in this post so I didn’t have time to accessorize it properly. This would look even more beautiful with the right accessories! Like big earrings, and a bangle bracelet.

When I saw this next black dress, I absolutely had to get it and oh my gosh I love  it! It’s fitted through the hips and butt, so if  you don’t love that I would size up one.  I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size. It’s so pretty to wear on its own or you can pair with a pair of sparkly tights to really add a little bit more of a holiday vibe to your look. I think I also love this dress because it’s just so perfect for work or really any function you have all year long. It’s only $34.99, but there’s an additional 15% off coupon below the price of the item. If you click the little check box you’ll get 15% off. It also comes in three other colors, including one where the skirt is black and the top is leopard and it’s killer!


I’m Feeling the Green

As you can tell from these next two looks, I’m really into green lately. I just love it for the holidays and it’s just a color that I’m really into these days. This first green dress might be my favorite out of all the options in this entire post! Kevin and I kind of joke that it reminds us of a dress one of the wives would wear in Handmaid’s Tale, which is totally true. But I don’t care. I love it! If you want to steer from that, you can also get it in a neutral color, black, or a light blue! So check out those other colors! But honestly, it is blowing my mind that the dress is only $33. If I legit saw somebody wearing this to a black tie event I would think it was a $200 dress. It is that beautiful! I honestly don’t even feel like these pictures do it justice. It’s even more beautiful in person. I love this dress more than I can possibly say! Right now it says it’s super limited in stock, so snag it ASAP while you can!


Material Lays Perfectly!

This next green dress (comes in other colors too!) is so pretty too – just a little more casual than the first green dress! And I kind of love that you can wear it forwards or backwards. If you wear it backwards, it has these two little buttons that show in the front that I actually kind of like, and then a little open peephole, but then you can turn around and not have that. When I first put on the dress, I thought it was gonna be too much fabric. You might think so too when you first put it on, but please make sure you but in the neck and then tie the waist and all my gosh, the fabric hangs perfectly! It is absolutely beautiful! I’m normally a size medium, and I actually sized down and got a small in this one. It’s maybe just a smidge short for my liking in the back so I probably should’ve gotten my normal size medium. I honestly don’t think it matters other than the length. So if you are on the shorter size, you might want to size down and if you’re on the taller side like me, I’m 57, then get your normal size.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention it comes in a bunch of other colors, so check them all out. I actually think the white version would be gorgeous for a bride and it’s 27% off right now! Also, check out the reviews on Amazon site because they’re super positive.

High Quality Sequin Dress

Of course, I also have to share the sparkle! This sequin dress is such high-quality! I know sometimes on Amazon things can be a little bit hit or miss when it comes to sequins, but get the dress and you will not be disappointed! I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size. it comes in a few other colors in this exact version and then on the listing there’s also some other fun holiday dresses that you should check out. This one is the most expensive dresses in this post, and I almost didn’t include it because it’s an affordable Friday and $68 is pricey. But I had to just because it’s so beautiful and really worth that price.



Red Jumpsuit

I ordered three different red jumpsuits and didn’t post about two of them because I didn’t like them. But this one is pretty fabulous! For multiple reasons. First, it’s very comfy. If it didn’t have a little bit of sequins on it, I would feel like I was wearing pajamas cause it’s so stretchy and comfortable. It’s the type of outfit that you can easily wear flats with for a night out, and no one would even notice. Three, it’s very flattering! The dark color and vertical lines, release, lime you out. Even though it’s a fitted jumpsuit. However, I will say at 5’7 and with a long torso, it may be slightly short in the torso for me. But I have like an absurdly long torso. so if you’re like me, I would actually size up one in this one. And if you’d rather have the jumpsuit not be very fitted and tight to your body that I would also size up one. I honestly think I might even love this more if I was sized up to a large. It’s only $37 and there’s almost 5000 positive reviews so definitely go check them out.

Winter Peacoat (Comes in 3 colors!)

Another thing I wanted to share in this blog post was a really fun coat to wear all holiday season long and to your holiday parties and feel effective. That’s this gorgeous red peacoat. Oh, it is cozy, well-made, and the price is great at only $64. The cut is just so so so flattering. I feel like it’s hard to find jackets that are both warm and flattering, but this one is both of those things! And if you don’t want to get red because you don’t think you’d wear it as much. It also comes in a khaki color and black. I honestly want both of the other ones because I love this jacket so much.


Face Firming Strips and LIP Color

I know this is a fashion blog post, but I have to also share these hyaluronic acid face firming sheets that I got and my lip color in all these pics. I was wearing them the other day in my Instagram stories and I got a ton of questions about them. My sister is the one that told me to get them. She said she was influenced from somebody else on Instagram and bought them and then of course she influenced me to buy them. Ha! I love everything that has hyaluronic acid in it so I’ve been giving them a-go and so far I really like them. Don’t know if I can say for sure if it’s swimming or firming my face but it’s worth a try it under $20 and there’s even a $2 coupon underneath the price you can get them for under $18. You get seven pieces for that price. And check out the reviews there’s almost 10,000 reviews so I will take that, and trust that this is going to work.

What Did You Think?

OK that’s all for today. Let me know what you think about this different version of an affordable Friday blog post in the comments below! I hope you find it helpful to see the items not only in photos on this blog and be able to come back to it anytime, but also be able to see the photos in motion in on my Amazon live when you click through on the links. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love you guys!

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