An Uptown Rapid update; what’s in store for the mall’s future


RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rushmore Mall, now known as Uptown Rapid, has undergone a few changes and is still evolving. Growth and adaptation are necessary to suit an ever-changing population.

“Our region is a five state, 36-county region which represents a population of about a half a million people,” says Tom Johnson, President of Elevate Rapid City. 

Uptown UpdateWith more and more purchases being made online, malls nationwide have changed the types of businesses that they house.

“In this day and age, having a mall is not just shopping. It’s not transactional. People are looking for experiences, whether they go on vacation or whether they’re shopping locally,” Johnson adds.

Under new ownership, more service-based businesses have set up shop.

“We’re not just all retail and soft goods, which is what we need on an 800,000 plus square foot property. So we are going to and do offer things like jujitsu, aerial dance classes. We have a marketing firm here,” explains Sandy Brockhause, General Manager of Uptown Rapid.

The newest opening is right around the corner.

“In April, we’re going to be opening X-Golf. It’s an indoor golf simulated sports bar and grill that’s located between the food court and Planet Fitness,” Brockhause adds.

Focus is also being placed on infrastructure of the mall and the surrounding land.

“We’re soon going to be starting on parking lot repairs and roof repairs, things like that. So those aren’t as fun, but those are needed,” says Brockhause. 

Officials hope these upgrades will help support population growth in the area adjacent to the property, especially during a time when additional housing units are needed.

“We also have a need for about 3,000 housing units right now, and we’re going to have a need for 2,000 housing units for over the next 10 years each year. So I think the malls are also an attractive opportunity to put housing in and around that area so that folks can live next to where they want to shop and eat,” Johnson says.


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