As consumers gravitate toward eco-friendly beauty more and more, established brands are also shifting their gears. To kickstart 2021, beloved brand Beautyblender is launching its first plant-based product.

Dubbed the Bio Pure makeup sponge, this is Beautyblender’s first plant-based product, but the brand is no stranger to eco-efficient beauty inventions. As noted in a press release, as the first-of-its-kind reusable sponge, the original pink Beautyblender was born as a solution to reduce waste in the industry. Now, the Bio Pure makeup sponge is taking reducing waste to a whole new level. How? It all boils down to science and research. Here are some of the facts you need to know.

As expected, the material has a lot to do with what makes this product sustainable. The new Beautyblender Bio Pure features a new exclusive foam, called BioPlush™. Despite featuring new materials, this foam doesn’t reduce the efficiency or the bounce of the sponge. The foam is made from a 60% plant-based pre-polymer derived from “waste” sugarcane. Out of all the materials that could’ve been used, Beauyblender chose sugarcane because it is a renewable resource, meaning the creation process of Bio Pure reduces CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions considerably.

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But the sustainability efforts don’t stop with the actual sponge. What’s an eco-friendly product without packaging to match? Beautyblender is on track to save over 3.4k pounds/1.58M grams of virgin plastic in the next year by making new products with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, per an email sent by the brand. Bio Pure’s canister is made with PCR technology using recycled resins and is produced with less water waste. In addition to the innovations in material and packaging, Bio Pure is made in the USA, vegan, and cruelty-, gluten-, latex-, parabens-, sulfates, and phthalate-free.

The best thing about Bio Pure is that it doesn’t come at the cost of altering your pockets or your makeup routine. The one-of-a-kind bounce sponge will remain priced at $20, just like the OG Beautyblender. While it’s no secret that creating sustainable products is more expensive from the responsibly sourced materials to production, Beautyblender’s founder Rea Ann Silva admitted during a panel that she didn’t want the consumer to have to pay more for a more sustainable product.

In addition to not breaking our banks and reducing our carbon footprints, nothing in your beauty routine has to be changed. Bio Pure works just as amazing as the current Beautyblenders. I’ve tried Bio Pure myself and I admit that I was hesitant about the different foam at first, but it delivers the same results. Beautyblender is just trying to do better not only for the Earth but for its consumers as well. While Bio Pure is the first of its kind, the brand says that over the next four years Beautyblender is committed to bringing a more sustainable process to all of its products, and over the next three years, all items that can be made with PCR will transition into the material. Bio Pure launches February 1 at Sephora,, and

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