Bloom Your Beauty Salon Business: 5 Ultimate ways


Are you keeping a check on your Beauty Salon business from time to time?

There are chances that many will say No to it! Cause they are sure about the marketing strategies they have adapted. 

But, there is one thing that should be understood is- Salon industry is dynamic and is evolving rapidly. I have researched the recent statistics. The analytics says that there will be an expansion in the beauty business market size by USD 87 billion by 2023 as compared to USD 69 billion in 2016. 

Because of the competitive space, it becomes mandatory to operate the business effectively for staying ahead. I understand that as a business owner, you have a good sense of every activity and your schedule is tight with other chores. Though, as a Salon business owner, keep an eye on your Salon growth. So, my suggestion is that if a proper time is given then, better results are assured. Of course, you obviously require positive tactics. For making it easy for you, five compelling tips to bloom your beauty salon business are mentioned in this article. 

How to Grow the Beauty salon Business?

#1. Engage more customers

engage more customers

How much do you prioritize your customers? According to my experience, the customers are responsible for the Beauty salon business  Hence, getting more, and focussing on capturing more is very essential. Several profitable ways to do so as mentioned below:

  • Organize referral programs

Organize referral programs

Many different industries offer this, why can you not? Allow the existing customers to gain rewards for referring their family members and friends. Give some services and products free of cost or give some discounts; you can advise the customers on their skin or hair products without even charging. In addition to that, giving new customers some discounts on the services also works.

  • Approach other customers (children and men)

Approach other customers

Giving cost-effective rates on a basic haircut as other barbers do is a piece of profitable advice. However, adjust some of your Salon space for children. The benefit? It will not only support the mothers to stress out from their daily schedule but also, let the dad get rest some time till they get their service done. For the environment to be more pleasing- cut the child’s hair also.  The child’s area has to be far away from the ear and sight of your customers. 

  • Implement promising marketing tactics

Implement promising marketing strategies

Your Salon must have higher customer footfall and staff members are giving satisfactory services- it’s good! Are you urging for more? Certainly, you do! For extending the market reach, implement the marketing approach that differentiates you from others.  Email marketing is by far the best way to enhance bookings. With an efficient Salon booking system, the process turns out to be simpler. Send your recent offers, or greetings (birthdays or anniversaries) in bulk or individually to customers. Also, SMS campaigns are practical strategies that reduce no-shows and remind customers regarding upcoming appointments before time. 

#2. Keep the Salon Employees Motivated and Committed 

Keep the Salon Staff Motivated and Committed

For assuring that every customer is receiving the best service, let your employees feel valued and keep their motivation intact. Simply, if they are happy then, the best services are guaranteed. It is a powerful strategy to enhance productivity and engage the customers. 

Your sole responsibility is that your Salon environment has to be pleasant and positive. Always remember that the staff recognizes specific, sincere, genuine acknowledgement from their subordinates and higher management. Because of this recognition, they get a feeling of being valuable and therefore, ensure the desired outcome. I suggest recognizing their work, their achievements and honoring them:

  • Which staff member is the best one as per the customer’s review?
  • Who is securing more bookings?
  • Which of them is giving the best services in less time as compared to others?
  • Is there anyone who is proficient in new techniques or skills?

Note: All of the above is also true for the other concerns, like, personal development achievements, family anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

So, please enhance the employee’s engagement, motivation and make them an inseparable part of your Salon. 

#3. Use the Right Salon Booking System

Right Salon Booking System

The beauty salon businesses know the daily hustle of managing operational and administrative operations.  We cannot call it a piece of cake, it has less time and yes, more work. Hence, to manage all work, using Salon Online appointment booking software is required.  By far, Salonist has gained momentum as the right solution. Currently, it is used by more than 10,000 Salon businesses of every salon size. It has the features that make it popular. 

From Online booking to Inventory Management, Point of Sale, customer & employee management, reporting & analytics, marketing automation, it covers all.  Using it, more time can be saved, more customers can be booked, improve brand visibility, and the Salon business can be grown. 

#4. Sell Costlier Products 

Are you following the tiered pricing table? If not then, my suggestion is to sell your expensive products rather than your general ones. This practice opens the gates of Salon’s success.

It implies that if there will be a boost to the high selling services price, then, the selling percentage of services and products will increase. Consider that if the employees are marketing the expensive products, then, they need to be on your menu even. 

Do give customers the feeling that you are doing it intentionally. Give them the surety that there is an improvement in service quality, hence, a hike in the price. 

Also, many customers cannot afford to pay, but some can. Moreover, when the customers are not showing their interest, then even if they are on the menu then even there is an improvement in the brand value. 

Another strategy that can be opted is that you can even provide add-on services on the costlier offers. Positively, it will boost the footfall at your Salon and bloom your beauty salon business. 

Implement this ultimate method once a year, all businesses do so. Basically, it is the way the economy functions. 

#5. Improving Operational Cost

Improving Operational Cost

The above-mentioned ways are meant to improve on managing and improving Salon’s top line. Simply put, generating sales. Indeed, prioritizing the top line gives a boost in the conversion rate. Yes, it implies more customers at your Salon are assured that proffers an invaluable experience. 

Though, if you will only focus on the top line, then, it is not worth it if the bottom line is not acknowledged. I recommend that you can boost the profit margin by cutting costs and enhancing sales strategy. 

Despite your business earning well; do keep a check on the cost on a regular basis to assure you are getting more valuable results.

Concluding Remarks

If you want your beauty salon business to achieve heights, introduce the profitable manners for the right market share. I believe that you have read the points mentioned in the write-up; their value is more than you expected. The benefits when taken into action will be tremendous. 

But, first, know your Salon aim, the necessities, and yes, choose the right Salon Booking System for simple managerial operations. Salonist gives a 14-day free trial to make; include it and feel the benefits it offers.  


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