Bourjois Always Fabulous Long Lasting Stick Foundcealer


Stick foundations were never my thing, as those few I tried were thick, unnatural-looking and heavy, regardless I like the concept, since such foundations can be easy and quick to apply. They are so convenient for a quick makeup. I got this Bourjois foundation once as a part of a PR package and like most of the times it was in a shade that was much too dark for me, but I liked the formula and format of it, so I ordered the lightest shade that exists online. The only other stick foundation I have is from Revolution, which is a heavy-looking foundation, while this is so different and a lot more like you’d put a liquid foundation in such a format. I’ve had it for months now and I enjoy wearing it – it’s especially handy when I’m in a hurry.

Texture: This is much less waxy than a typical stick foundation. It glides easily on the skin and the swiped foundation doesn’t look like a heavy strip of makeup, which is nice to see, but it’s also the least pigmented such formula I’ve tried and needs several swipes to get enough product on the face. However, compared to Revolution formula, I don’t find I use that much product at once based on what I see when I wind it back in the tube. It’s easy to blend because it’s not a fast drying formula and doesn’t cling to patches where it was swiped on. I prefer to blend it with fingers, since it’s easiest to retain most product on the skin. It can be done with a sponge (one of those from cushion foundations, I don’t use damp makeup sponges), but gently, as brushes and sponges can remove the product from the skin. There is a sponge at the other end of the packaging, but I haven’t used it. 

Coverage & finish: It has about light-medium / medium coverage, depending how much you apply, or how dedicated you are when swiping the foundation on the skin. It’s easy to build up, as it can be layered over. You can get a nice level of coverage without feeling there is a lot of product on the face, so this is more like a liquid formula than a classic stick foundation. Finish is dewy-glowy, so it’s more suited for dry skin and most may want to powder it. Like Bourjois’ Healthy Mix formulas, this is a very natural foundation on the skin, it doesn’t emphasizes pores, texture or lines.  

Staying power: This lasts averagely on the skin, similar to Healthy Mix. Not all day, but enough to get through most of it. It fades evenly. 

Shade:100 Rose Ivory is a similar shade to Bourjois Healthy Mix 50 Rose Ivory, but a bit less obviously cool toned. It’s not the lightest shade, but good enough for me. From the swatches and shops I’ve seen, this has 10 shades that are a bit more inclusive than Bourjois’ usual limited ranges, but it’s still a poor selection compared to a lot of recent launches.

Packaging: A twist up plastic tube with a plastic rose gold cap. So far the product hasn’t detached from the base, which often happens with such products. The back has an mini sponge. 

Price and availability: I ordered online from Notino for 8,16 €. I don’t recall if we have this shade in Müller, it’s possible we do, but it’s more expensive there. 

This is a stick foundation  or “foundcealar” that doesn’t feel like one. It just glides on the skin, blends seamlessly, doesn’t look heavy and has in general that Bourjois Healthy Mix liquid formula look. It’s convenient to apply quickly, however, it takes more time to build it to a level you can get with a liquid foundation, which might make this a less appealing formula to some and you can’t just blend it with anything. By the way I have tried the liquid formula of Always Fabulous and they are nothing alike. Liquid version is an unnatural looking foundation that is too matte for me. I was quite disappointed by it, since I’m such a long-time fan of Healthy Mix.  

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