Buying jewelry in Capri can be a happy experience!


Beautiful sunny Capri proves to be such a wonderful place to buy jewelry! My recent visit to the Italian island gave me a good insight into the positive and relaxed luxurious vibe of this magnificent island near Naples.

Capri is a small island off the coast of Naples. It’s known for its steep and rocky mountains, covered with trees. The island has two towns, Anacapri and Capri, which can be reached by taxi or Funigolare.

Capri is also famous for its luxury and jewelry stores. Many of the big brands have a store on this beautiful island. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Capri with my family during our May holidays on the Amalfi coast. You can take a boat from most towns to Capri and either make a tour around the island or hit the town immediately, which we did. 

Arriving in the Capri Marina, photo by Esther Ligthart

One of the most attractive things about Capri’s jewelry stores is the sophisticated yet easy-going vibe each store seems to have. For starters, all stores on the Via Camerelle have the same windows and the same awning. This makes the street look approachable, friendly, and ultimately in style with the island. There are many different ways to interpret jewelry, and each store offers something different. This can be an excellent opportunity to try out something new or experiment with an entirely different style than what you might usually wear. 

The window of Chantecler, Capri. Image of Garden necklace, courtesy of Chantecler, photo by Esther Ligthart(

Shopping for jewelry in Capri is a happy event. There are many stores, and they all have different kinds of jewelry. 

From Pomellato to Vhernier and from Buccellati to Chantecler and many more. Chantecler profiles itself as a Caprian jewelry brand. The jewelry is made in Valenza, but the famous bell of Capri is one of their trademark models.


Photo by Esther Ligthart

The thing that really stood out to me is that the doors of every store are open. There is no glooming security guard (stealing? Where do you think you’ll go?), and therefore it’s so much more attractive than, say: Via Condotti in Rome, where we also spent a few days. 

So many small windows of jewelry brands were empty or not very attractive. Almost as if the brands said: you know who we are; if you dare to ring the doorbell and pass the guard, we might sit down with you (or not) …

Of course, you are just as welcome in those stores, but their measures to prevent robbery and theft are extreme. Therefore, the vibe is not chill but almost a little dark and tense. 


Walking around Via Camerelle, Capri (Esther and photo by Esther Ligthart)

If you don’t know much about jewelry or how much it costs, don’t worry—the salespeople at these Capri jewelry stores are experts on everything related to their products! They’ll be able to answer any questions about price or style that might come up while shopping here. And they kindly will respond even if you just want to look around a little. Something no one would think of in any other high-end luxury street, right?

  • As you know, Capri is a beautiful place.
  • You can find jewelry stores all in one area, so shopping for jewelry is easy.
  • There are many different jewelry stores offering styles and stones to choose from.
  • It is easy and enjoyable to shop in Capri for jewelry.

Window in Capri, photo by Esther Ligthart

Buying jewelry in Capri is a happy experience. If you are going on holiday to the Amalfi coast or spend some time in Naples, it is easy to take one of the many ferry services to the island. 

Hotel prices are steep, but Capri is worth it. Besides jewelry, there are also lots of high-end fashion boutiques from Versace to Moschino and many others. And fantastic art galleries were staff again is incredibly kind and hospitable.

My family and I ate ice cream at Cuorobono ( a must-visit place!) and went hiking to the Arco Naturale (lots and lots of stairs !), breathtakingly beautiful. We had lunch halfway down the path with a fantastic view of nature and the sea. 

I entered Chantecler and Buccellati to see the pieces and have a little chat with the employees (kudos to both, they were professional and super friendly).


The Arco Naturale, photo by Esther Ligthart

So why is visiting Capri such a great idea? Italy is many things, but rarely it’s very chill. The Amalfi coast has challenging roads, a lack of intelligent parking space, and steep prices. Positano is unique, and Amalfi is nice, but the other towns are authentic and rustic. Americans ( there were so many of them) may love that kind of rustic, but it lacked a little in service, and I can’t help but think how much nicer everything would look if painted and well-maintained. Perhaps that’s my Dutch DNA 😉

Capri, however, meets the high expectations of its visitors. One feels safe here. Relaxed. The soul of the island, even if visitors are plenty, seems to be chill and kind.  

This, plus the beautiful surroundings, makes the island an excellent destination for shopping for high-end fashion, luxury, and jewelry brands.


A taxi in Capri looks a little different, photo by Esther Ligthart


So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and start dreaming!

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