Do They Have One & How to Save


These days many retail stores like Home Depot and Verizon have some pretty solid military and veteran discounts. So it made me wonder if the biggest online retailer, Amazon, offers the same. Here’s everything I discovered about the Amazon military discount…unfortunately it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Do They Have One & How to Save

Does Amazon Have a Military Discount?


As of this writing, Amazon does not offer a “standard” military discount that gives vets and active military a percentage discount on all their purchases.

BUT not all hope is lost, keep reading…

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So…Do They Offer ANY Discount to Military or Veterans?

Yes and here are two Amazon discounts worth knowing about.

1. Veteran’s Day – Back in 2019, Amazon offered a 1-day $40 annual discount on Amazon Prime for vets and active military on Veteran’s Day.

While they haven’t done it since, there’s a great chance Amazon will offer a Veteran’s Day discount in the future so it’s good to keep a lookout for it.

2. Free Shipping to APO/FPO boxes – This discount is pretty cool and worth breaking down…

How Do I Take Advantage of the Free Shipping Discount?

Just add your APO or FPO address to your Amazon account as your mailing address, and you’ll automatically qualify for free shipping.

No Prime membership required.

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Any Items Exempt From the Free Shipping Discount?


Simply because Amazon, and 3rd party sellers, won’t ship certain item to Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas, it reduces the amount of eligible items.

Specifically, most liquids, chemicals, and really heavy (or bulky) items aren’t eligible to be shipped to APO and FPO boxes.

Once you add items to your virtual cart on Amazon it will tell you if it’s actually eligible for free shipping.

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Are My Family Members or Spouse Eligible?


But they need to be stationed with you overseas and have their name attached to your Amazon account.

Doe Amazon Offer Any Other Benefits to Veterans?


Namely, over the past decade Amazon has hired thousands of vets (and their spouses) via their Military Hiring program.

Amazon recognizes their leadership qualities and skills and actively tries to hire them into leadership roles that offer excellent employee benefits.

So if you’re recently out of the military, Amazon is a great place to start your private sector job search.

Ask the Reader: Have you taken advantage of the Amazon military discount for free shipping to APO or FPO addresses? Was it an easy process?

By Kyle James


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