Hair extensions are hair extension methods by adding a number of strands of hair to the hair you already have. The goal of this treatment is to lengthen hair and help fill in thin hair.

This method of lengthening hair is preferred by owners of short hair. The extension hair will blend into the natural hair and make the hair appear longer quickly.

Hair extension method

Hair extensions are not as easy as it sounds. You can choose various types of hair extensions with different processing times. When treatment at the salon, the hair stylist will usually ask in advance the length of time you have to use hair extensions.

Some methods may look good, but of course at a price that is not small. The more energy and focus it takes to connect the hair, the greater the cost that will be incurred. Hair extensions are an option for some women who want to look different. Can hair extensions be colored? Of course you can. But as a colorist, there are coloring techniques for hair extensions that we must learn. And then, as your information Viola Hair Extensions is best recommendation for you.


Several types of hair extensions:

  1. Natural hair type –> Colorable
  2. Mixed synthetic hair type –> Colorable
  3. Pure synthetic hair type –> Can’t be dyed

Here is a step by step method for doing the coloring technique for natural hair extensions:

  1. Determine the color and at what level we will color.

Examples of target colors 9-10. Then the technique:

Do youth with a mixture of 1 part Bleaching Powder + 2 parts Developer 30 vol. Infused for 60 minutes, if the desired level has not been reached, do the rejuvenation with the same mixture but the cream developer is lowered by one level, and so on.

  1. • Apply a mixture of 1 part of the target color + cream developer 10 vol in a ratio of 1: 1.5 with an immersion 30 – 45 minutes.
  2. • Dry Hair Extensions.

The drying process can use a medium temperature hairdyer or use a low temperature vise. This is detail about micro ring hair extensions 

Here is the hair extension technique for your information.