EP 379: How She Sold 100K of Her Jewelry in 55 Days With Confidence and Gumption

It’s common for people to play small when it comes to going after their larger-than-life dreams!. 

What if I told you that mindset is the only reason big goals are impossible?

That was the case with Twyla Dill, a rockstar jewelry maker in Seattle, WA and graduate of our Momentum Program. She creates beautiful handmade pieces that combine fine crochet work and metal pieces – they’re gorgeous! 😍

As a growth seeking being she decided to do something far far out of her comfort zone. She set a CRAZY goal for herself to sell $100K of her $500K in inventory in just 55 days.

That target was huge for her especially because she was planning on leaving her kiosk at Pikes Place Market in Seattle (where she’d sold for years) to sell primarily online.

Wanna know how she did it? Listen to the full story here…

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Here”s the high level. She was..


Twyla was not afraid to go for her goal and ask for what she wanted. By having the confidence to share her goal with her community, she got “buy-in” from her customers and followers. People were cheering her along every step of the way.

Consistent With Her Actions

She kept going even when it felt awkward or redundant. She showed up for her email list and social media followers and just kept sharing her progress and her story. That got serious engagement and people who wanted to help her hit the target.

Willing to Get Uncomfortable

Even though it felt awkward, she kept pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. When fear popped up, she just did it anyway. She asked for what she wanted and she actually got it. Imagine that!

Anyone can set a big goal and achieve it – even YOU! So put on your big girl panties and let’s do this

Listen to today’s episode of Thrive by Design for the more in depth conversion and some of the tactics Twyla used to reach her goal.

xo, Tracy


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