EP351: Live Coaching: How Do I Get Over The Fear of Raising My Prices with Manda Wylde


Courage is not the absence of fear — it is doing what you have to do (like pricing your jewelry right) as a brand owner even if you’re dead scared. And when you overcome your fear by facing life’s uncertainties, you can truly find clarity and thrive as an artist.

That’s exactly what happened to our Laying the Foundation student and first Live Coaching session guest, Manda Wylde. She’s the creator behind Manda Wylde Designs and makes amazing jewelry out of porcelain and gemstones.

In this episode, Manda showed her strength by opening up about her struggles in business after being diagnosed with a brain illness in early 2020.

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Here are some key takeaways from Manda’s inspiring live coaching session, where we talked through her fear of raising her prices.

Overcome Your Negative Self-Talk

When Manda joined LTF, she came to the realization that she was pricing her jewelry well below wholesale, and she knew something had to change ASAP. But there was a small, mean voice in the back of her head always contradicting her and downplaying the value of her work. 

Manda pushed through the fear and tentatively debuted her new prices during Fashion Week.

At first, her worst fears were confirmed. Some customers walked away after seeing the new prices. Manda began to worry that her negative self-talk had been right all along.

That is until the first customer who readily ordered her jewelry and even said, “I was expecting the price to be much higher!”  This affirmed Manda’s intuition; she actually was on the right path.

We teach our Laying the Foundation students to look on the bright side of things. We’re all faced with daily struggles, but your outcome depends on whether you decide to wear the “failure uniform” or the “success uniform.” 

When you judge or shame yourself, you are stepping into that failure uniform, which limits your creativity and focus. Meanwhile, wearing the success uniform allows you to move forward imperfectly and show up for your business with a learner’s mindset.

In the end, Manda didn’t let her negative self-talk win. She increased her prices anyway, and she was able to do this because she knew the importance of getting help.

Ask for Help

“Some things I’m still striving to shift, which is one of the reasons I’m here, you know, because sometimes we need help with that shifting process.”

When Manda was diagnosed with a debilitating illness that affected her motor skills and speech, she was confronted with a brand new reality. She had to accept that the way she moved three years ago wouldn’t be the same way she moves now. 

It wasn’t easy, but she was brave enough to connect with her Laying the Foundation coaches and ask for help in pricing her jewelry and positioning her brand. She took the time to curate strategies for communicating her value, identifying the people she serves, and positioning her brand.

Work on Your Confidence to Tell Your Story

You might not realize how inspiring your story is until you start sharing it. I know it isn’t always easy to talk about yourself, because it can feel uncomfortable or weird. But it’s a powerful tool for connection.

I could just introduce myself as a business coach and leave it at that. Instead, I choose to lean into the story of how I went bankrupt in 2008 and worked my ass off to rebuild my brand from scratch. Because sharing your journey creates an emotional connection with people. It shows your personality and, at the end of the day, people buy from people, not brands.

Listen to the full interview above and discover how Manda got over her business and health struggles and what she did to actually raise her prices.

xo, Tracy

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