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I know y’all like my fun product recs, so I figured I’d highlight a few new favorites things of mine that have got me all “like whoa.” Let’s take a peeksie weeksie, shall we?

First up is adorable wall art from Mr&Mrs Paw (prices vary) – These make great gifts for dog lovers. You basically upload a photo of your fur baby (dog or cat) and choose a themed costume – anything from a Jedi Master to Mona Lisa and countless others. It’s so much fun and is a wonderful way to pay homage to your furry children.


Next up is Derma e’s Blue Light Shield Spray, $16.95 – Screen time = blue light and blue light has been shown to negatively affect your eyes, sleep, and even your skin (i.e. can contribute to wrinkles!). This cute lil mineral-rich bottle of green spritziness is enriched with lutein, blue green algae, activated charcoal, and ginseng root extract – all intended to hydrate, protect, and detoxify the skin. All that aside, it has a lovely refreshing earthy scent and I enjoying spraying it all over my face throughout the day for a sweet little pick-me-up.

derma e blue light shield spray

And then we have Mychelle Dermaceuticals Renew Remarkable Retinal Serum, $48 – Ever since my 30s, I’ve been obsessed with retinal in my anti-aging skincare regimen. This bad boy not only contains this most potent form of Vitamin a, but it’s also made with Ceramide 3 and orange plant stem cells to promote healthy skin renewal, diminish dark spots and blemishes, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients are clean, to boot! I only use this at night though because it leaves a bit of a yellow tinge on the skin. I also like to let magical serums really get to work while I’m catching my Zzzz’s. Retinal can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so don’t forget your SFP, even the day after!

Another fave is Love Indus Freedom of Expressions Dual Purpose Line Limiter, $88 – Ok, this is some game changing ish. At first, I was skeptical because it’s very rare for a skincare product to make a noticeable difference, especially after one application. This one did, tho. I’m still processing, haha. First of all, it has a smooth, rounded, metal applicator that gives a cooling and massage-y sensation. Key ingredients include hibiscus, kokum, and vegan collagen, and it has a shimmery orange tint that seamlessly blends into the skin. Wearing makeup over this is a dream! Typically, my powder and foundation tend to settle into my under eye creases, even with the use of makeup primer—but this product has been the best for plumping that delicate area of skin and filling into those lil’ lines. I will definitely be buying this again in the future, hands down.

Since the onset of covid times, I’ve been upping my immunity supplements like a mad woman. I have especially been digging Self+ Supplements Immunity + Unwind blend, $39.99 – I love this especially because it’s got all the immunity boosters PLUS sleepytime helpers. All. The. Good. Stuff: vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, L-Tryptophan, elderberry extract, ashwagandha, L-Theanine, reishi mushroom, and melatonin. There’s no added sugar, it tastes delicious (berry-type flavor), and it sends me off to the most delicious sleep around 30-40 minutes after taking it. So good.

self plus supplements immunity unwindself plus supplements

Your turn! What are you diggin’ this month? xo

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