Wine and cheese party’s usually end up as a great time for all the adults in attendance. The food and the wine can reach the sky when it comes to price. Anybody who has lot’s of money can easily pay huge dollars to create a wine and cheese party with top quality Wine, cheese and finger foods.
This article is about creating finger foods for a wine and cheese party while on a budget. To create these foods on a budget you must trade time for money. Many finger foods most people enjoy are very simple to make.
Here are some great tips for finger foods at your next wine and cheese.
Try making your own flat bread for something that is unique. Most people have no idea how simple the recipes can be. Adding a little sesame oil to your recipe will give your flat bread an exotic taste not found in most commercially made flat bread.
Greek Yogurt soft cheese has to be the easiest recipe any person can make. So simple your kids should make it for your next wine and cheese party. The fresh taste with a little bit of tangy zip will have your guest asking where they can get some.
Pizza bites is a favorite for wine and cheese parties. Margarita pizza or a shrimp pizza cut into very small pieces will wow your guest without hurting your budget.
Avocado sushi is and exotic looking food which will amaze your guest. Show them that all sushi is not about raw fish. It’s little caesars coupon code.
Bruschetta is a great starter finger food. The best part of brushetta is you can make the topping the day before and simply assemble minutes before your guests arrive.
Stuffed olives will reflect the high quality presentation you are trying to display. All your guests who enjoy salty foods will devour an olive that is stuffed with flavor. The fun is trying to guess what the stuffing is.
Taco chip chalupa, many people do not have the time or equipment to deep fry dough for chalupas. The taco chip is a fantastic substitute that will keep your home from smelling like a grease pit.
Before your next wine and cheese party give these ideas a try, and see for yourself how inexpensive and simple feeding your guest can be. You will enjoy all the added attention when they find out your high quality extremely tasty food was all made by hand.