Four Peaks Women’s Club is working again this year with Children’s Cancer Network to make the holidays brighter for children with cancer and their families.

“Holiday Surprises” is the theme this year for Children’s Cancer Network. CCN is taking care of 65 families this year. Shopping for a family is high on the list of Four Peak’s Women’s Club’s favorite things to do.

This year, the club was buying for a family of five who has a 3 1/2-year-old girl with cancer. The child was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in April. She underwent chemotherapy and then surgery to remove the tumor. She continues to be monitored closely to ensure that she continues to heal and progress without cancer.

Club members headed down the aisles of Target with five carts, each cart designated for each member of the family. Members who bought for the little girl knew that she loves pink, Disney movies, especially “Frozen” and “Tangled,” makeup and nail polish. She loves to dress up and really likes stuffed animals.

Her family members enjoy spending time together as a family at museums, parks, lakes and enjoy camping, travel, riding bikes and love cookouts. Members kept these things in mind as they made purchases for the family.

Four Peaks Women’s Club was touched by Target Manager Mark Ashjian, who donated $200 from Target to help this project. As Project Chair Joyce Stehlik was checking out, she was almost brought to tears as another employee gave the group a $100 gift certificate.

Stehlik remarked, “This project is so worthwhile, it touches all of us.”