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A marriage proposal can be regarded as one of the most important parts of one’s life. Proposals have been a long time tradition done by men to express their desire to marry their partners. Engagement rings have been a trend when proposals are made. And it’s not just a ring that is given, it’s usually a diamond ring! Diamonds are one of the most expensive gems so getting engaged is quite expensive as well. Here are tips on how to buy an engagement ring on a budget. Yes, that’s right you can buy one within your budget. 

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

  1. Set a budget

It has been customary to spend a month or 2 months of your salary to buy an engagement ring. However, it won’t hurt your pride if you disobey this custom. Getting married is costly since it is not only centered on getting an engagement ring. It’s just actually the start of the marriage process and you still have a long way to go. You have to prepare for other expenditures such as reception, food, invitations, giveaways, and many more. Setting a budget that you can afford according to your financial status will be a good start. 

  1. Find a ring that will fit her style 

Every woman has their own taste in fashion and jewelry. To get the right ring for her, be more observant on the styles that she wants and the kind of designs she loves to wear when it comes to jewelry. Getting advice from her close family members can also be a good way to find out what really fancies her. 

  1. Pick a shape 

Engagement rings come in different shapes and cuts. Diamond cuts are available in heart-shaped, oval, rectangular, pear-shaped and others. But the best one is a round brilliant cut. This cut can make the brilliancy appear more on the ring. However it will still be your choice on which one fits the ring your partner desires. When choosing shapes, find the right setting that will match your diamond. it should also  optimize its durability, so better choose one that can make the ring last longer. 

  1. Be aware on basics of diamonds

Educating yourself about characteristics of diamonds will be a big help in choosing. Know the 4c’s of diamond at least. 

4C’s of a diamond buying tips 

  • Cut 

Be sure to get an excellent cut diamond. Good diamond cut will prevent chipping in the long run. 

  • Color 

Choose a diamond on the G-I classification based on GIA color grading scale. This is under the classification of nearly colorless. It almost looks like the flawless one but at a lesser cost. 

  • Clarity

Selecting a VS1 or VS2 grade of diamond is a good choice since it has lesser blemishes.

  • Carat

Carat and clarity often comes together. You can get a carat weight that fits within your budget and just have it cut on the size you desire.  

  1. Look for the most brilliant diamond

As mentioned earlier, cut is important when getting a good diamond. Having a good cut can make your diamond shine more. Remember that girls love it more if it’s really shining. Brilliancy of the diamond is affected by the way it was cut. Be sure to get a skilled cutter to trim down your diamonds. 

  1. Match the diamond  with the perfect metal 

Setting for diamonds comes in many varieties. From Gold, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and other metals. The setting will also depend on the color choices of your partner. Know what metals she loves more and match it with the diamond. It is also common to choose from 14k or 18k gold. The 14k is mostly recommended because it is cheaper but as stunning as the 18k gold. However, if your budget is flexible you can still go for the 18k. 

  1. Be sure to get the right size

Size matters a lot of course. Even if your diamond engagement ring is perfect, if it won’t fit, then your plan for proposal might fail. So be sure to get a good fit. You can get one of her rings secretly to get the perfect fit when you have her engagement ring done. 

With all these tips for engagement ring shopping, it’s pretty sure you can get the perfect ring for your future wife. Remember to stick on your budget.