How to Handle Unused Shipping Labels


Like we said before, only you have the access to void unused labels. But what makes this fact worse is that you, the merchant, aren’t aware of it unless you are notified by customers (or others in case of third-party shipments).

Since an unused label is irrelevant for a shopper, notifies you, customers, on your behalf under ‘Fulfillment delay’.

If a label remains unused 3 days after it has been created since that most likely indicates a delay in shipping. Therefore, your customers are now notified via email and SMS of the possibility of a delay. If the customer has canceled their order and the delay turns out to be an unused shipping label, you can then proceed to void it immediately. 

That’s not all! You can also enable your support reps to set up trigger notifications under ‘Unused Shipping Label’ on their help desk platform. This makes it even easier to alert/inform their internal team if shipping labels remain unused. 

The best part is, monitors your shipping invoices regularly. If at all, your claim to void a shipping label hasn’t been refunded yet, we will recover them for you and deposit the money directly into your account. Our systems have escalation processes built in and we have an expert team to follow up and dispute any denied claims to ensure maximum refund recovery.


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