Marriage is a commitment, which binds two different
people for a lifetime. It is the symbol of love that binds not only two people but
also two families, and two cultures. We can say that marriage is the beginning
of the family, for a lifetime commitment. It provides you with an opportunity to
grow selflessness. Marriage is a spiritual and emotional union between two

You all have so many dreams for our wedding. It is
the most important stage in your life. You and your family have so many plans
for the wedding. You do not want any unfortunate happen to your wedding. Many
parents save money for their daughter/son wedding.

Today a new trend has started – Destination wedding. A destination wedding is a wedding that planned in a resort away from hometown. All
the guests stay there and all the activities or function related to wedding
takes place.

Planning a destination wedding is not a small task.
You have to be very careful while planning a destination wedding.  As you,
do not want to spoil your biggest day. You have to plan every single step very
carefully. Today, we are going to guide you about how you can plan your
destination wedding.

As soon as you’re a wedding is fixed. You have to
decide your budget for a wedding. Budget is the most important factor to plan a destination
wedding. If you have a good budget you can plan a grand wedding, whereas, in a
low budget if you have to think before spending. If you have a good budget, you
can plan your wedding in another country. A good budget will decide how many
guests you want to attend your wedding.

After making a budget, you have to decide a
place for a destination wedding. Some of you may want a wedding near the beach
in a luxurious resort. Whereas some may want in the mid of a town. It all depends
upon your wish list. Before finalizing a destination, think about your budget.

After finalizing the budget and destination, the next
step is to make the guest list. You have to decide who can attend your destination
wedding. Mostly on a destination, wedding people invite their close family
members and friends. Your guest list should not exceed more than 50 people. You
can give a party to the other guests after the wedding. Hence, make a guest list and
invite your guests. Book advance tickets, so that, you can enjoy less

Now you have to search for a wedding planner, who
can organize your big day most elegantly. You cannot do all the
work alone; you want a person who can organize all your work. A wedding planner
will book the place, make the decoration and prepare the food list, and so many
other things. A wedding planner will keep an eye on everything in your wedding,
and make your wedding a most memorable day. Hence, search for a wedding planner
and handover the work to him/ her. A wedding planner will look at all the
arrangements for your wedding in your budget.

After planning all these things, now you have to
think about what you want to wear. Make sure you wear a dress that matches with
your partner. You both should look at the most beautiful person on the earth. Reach a
day before all the functions to check all the arrangement. Enjoy your day and
think about your beautiful future.

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