When I hear the word clay in the context of a face mask I think a dark grey charcoal style mud mask. You know the ones, those ones that are super drying, designed to suck all the nastiness out of the skin and dry up spots. Ones that leave your skin feeling a little tight but that’s how you know its done something. So that’s what I was thinking when I decided to slap on some of the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask on one incredibly hot summer evening while watching quite possibly my favorite film ever The Prestige.( Seriously watch it. Christian Bale has a cockney accent in it!)

I applied it with my fingers, and left it for what I can only describe as “a bit”, probably longer than I was supposed to but I was just waiting for the moment in the film where I knew nothing important was gonna happen to give me sufficient time to wash it off, because I have in fact watched this film about 100 times.

When I rinsed it off I was shocked to realize my skin felt smoother, plumper and somehow CLEANER than its ever felt before. Like the kind of clean that makes you touch your face and be like, wait is it ALWAYS supposed to feel like that? I could literally see the difference in my skin, and this was even in shitty bathroom lighting at 10pm. Pores tightened? Yup. Skin lifted? Well, it’s no facelift but it definitely looked plumper! Baby soft? Its been a while since I’ve been a baby but hell yeah it was baby-soft. To the point, I kept touching it over and over again being like “Wow!”, I even made my housemate touch my face which was probs quite creepy considering I’ve not known him that long.

I don’t like to rave about products but this stuff blew me away. Like literally it wasn’t what I was expecting at all and the results were just insane. My skin even the next day felt brighter and plumper and just as soft. I could imagine this would be perfect before a night out to really prep the skin or for a day where you wanna wear minimal makeup. So yeah, if you wanna know if I recommend this then, hell yeah. I do. It’s awesome and totally unexpected. Goddamit Charlotte, is there anything you CANT do?

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