L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Les Nus Intense Lipstick

ponedeljek, november 07, 2022

A while ago L’Oreal released a collection of 12 nude shade Les Nus, which they say have “an intense, smooth and creamy formula”. You may remember that a year two before they released matte nude lipsticks (Color Riche Matte Free The Nudes), one of which I also own and it’s a great quality lipstick. I saw this shade on one of the few blogs that still do swatches and wanted it immediately, since it looked like the perfect nude and it’s has indeed become my staple. 

Texture & finish: Formula is high quality, it feels so well-made and has great pigmentation. It’s creamy, comfortable and smooth, so far it’s be best non-matte lipstick I’ve tried. Finish is satin-creamy, so not very shiny, but far from matte and this formula suits dry lips as well. 

Shade: 173 Nu Impertinent is an excellent my-lip-but-better shade for my skin tone and I just love it because it looks so natural and defines the lips. It’s about a half a shade lighter than my favourite lip liner Essence’s Big Proposal that I’ve been using for shaping my lips for a few years now (shade is discontinued, but I stocked up before it was gone) and once I searched the entire drugstore, swatching everything to find something similar in a lipstick form – turns out all I had to do it give it a year or two and I’ll find what I want.  

Staying power: It lasts longer than most creamy lipsticks I’ve tried, especially when it comes to nude shade. It can survive non-greasy food mostly intact, but even so where it wipes off it’s not that obvious on me because it’s very close to my natural lip colour.

Scent: This formula has a different scent than I’m used to from L’Oreal, it’s kind of artificial berry fruity instead of the violet scent that I know many dislike (I like it and kind of miss it in this formula). 

Packaging: a standard plastic square-ish L’Oreal tube. The lipstick is cut in an interesting shape, though I wouldn’t say that makes the application any better.

Price and availability: It’s about 13 € in drugstore, though I got it a while ago and prices went up since. It’s cheaper in online shops. 


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