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So basically it is now Spring, soon to be summer and the next thing we know we’ll be dusting off our grey knits and kicking orange leaves about in the rain. WHERE is this year of 2022 going?

It’s just flying by and I feel my feet still haven’t really touched the ground. March saw us taking our first family holiday since 2019 and we went to North Wales which was INCREDIBLE. I already want to go back (don’t worry, full blog post incoming of where we went, what we did etc!) and it was so damn good to get away, even if it was still in the UK. The weather has been kind of wild too here and the current go-to clothes are layers and layers as you just don’t know if you are going to get sweltering sun, hurricane winds or snow atm. Let’s see what April has to offer hey?!

In the meantime I want to share all things I loved in March. Beauty, Lifestyle and everything else in between! Deep breath…

best new makeup 2022


I feel like my skin is back! I lost if for some time, along with my routine and I’m really feeling confident and glowing again. I’ve been using an incredible LED mask which I’ve just chatted about in a previous post and accompanying that, I have been regimental with using good skincare products, both day and night. Taking that little bit of extra rime to care for my skin has made all the difference.

best skincare for oily skin

best skincare 2022

Liz Earle Superfood eye cream. Loving a lot of the Liz Earle products at the moment and I was surprised at how much this eye cream works for me. Eye creams are something I have to be careful with as I can get milia and breakouts if anything is too rich but this is a perfect texture : nice and nourishing but absorbs in well. Packed full of brightening and smoothing ingredients, and sits well under concealer.

Aurelia Hydrate & Calm CBD Gel Cream. Ok I think this is now my favourite Aurelia face cream ever. I love it. It’s what I needed from them. It’s lighter weight and fresher than their original face cream and it suits my skin much better. Gorgeous texture, the scent of heaven and it has a lot of fab ingredients to improve your skin over time.


REN Overnight Recovery Balm. This range is insanely good. W/hen your skin needs a bit of loving’ and TLC, the REN ever calm range is what you need to soothe, calm and comfort stressed skin. The REN Overnight Recovery Balm is a barrier cream and it’s a brilliant PM treat for when you need that extra hit of help on overworked skin. Texture of the gods.

Liz Earle Superfood eye cream review ren ever calm overnight recovery balm review aurelia cad cream


Alongside, finding my skincare mojo again, I feel like this has ignited my love of wearing and experimenting with different makeup, as opposed to reaching for the same ol’ things. There has been SO many makeup launches and new makeup brands appearing left, right and centre it can be hard not to get overwhelmed but here are a few stand-outs for me this month…

best makeup 2022

Gen See Clean Sheen Cheek & Lip Colour. This brand is gorgeous! It is a really simple and fresh makeup brand that is sustainable, vegan and of course, cruelty-free. It has only recently launched and they so far just have a very edited collection including a mascara, brow gels, cheep and lip colours and lipsticks. Everything I have tried has been great but the stand-out so far are these pretty little tubes of lip and cheek colours. They do 3 shades and I love ‘Plum’ which is a really deep, cool….erm plum. It blends out onto the skin to be a softer cherry-red than what it looks in concentrate.

Spectrum x KJH brushes. Oldies but goodies. I’ve just dug these out of storage, washed them and am using them again. They are such fabulous brushes and I love the fact they are different from any other brushes I have in terms of the shapes and sizes. The quality if fab and I recommend them to both professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Shop the Spectrum KJH sets HEREthey do a few different ones now!

Also, if you are interested in more info on the Spectrum x KJH makeup brushes then you need to check out my post here which gives a really full and comprehensive run-down on all the brushes and what makes them so good.

L’Oreal Air Volume Mascara. The newer L’Oreal mascara launches have been very hit or miss for me. This one launched last year and was quite hyped. I didn’t bother trying it until I ran to of my others which was just a few weeks ago and you know what…I think it’s great and my favourite L\Oreal mascara at the moment. Gives nice volume, no weight and it wears well on my lashes with no smudging.

Ciate Dewy Skin. This is a stunning base! The first one I have tried from Ciate and I always loved the sound of it. It is a lovely lightweight, glossy base that gives a light-medium coverage and go course, that all-important glow. Gorgeous! I wear shade and it’s perfect for me at the moment although will need to go one shade darker in the summer I think. I’ve also just seen this is HALF PRICE everywhere at the moment!!

Ciate dewy skin

HUDA Glowish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder. I have been in a bit of bronzer rut for the last year or so. There hasn’t been one I reach for all the time, and nothing new I have tried has really wowed me (expect for the Milani Baked bronzer!) so it has been nice to find something new that I love. I wear shade 03 Tan Light. It has two tones swirled into one pan and gives a really soft and golden looking bronze.

Trinny London BFF Eye. I’m a Trinny London Stan it seems as I feel like I am mentioning the products all the time but they simply have been delivering for me. The base products are some of the best out there, honestly. This BFF eye serum is stunning : a lovely, brightening under-eye concealer that not only covers but also is infused with skincare. It feels lovely and it’s one of my favourite concealers.

huda glowish bronzer 03


St Tropez Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Mist. St Tropez is such a classic tan isn’t it? The first premium tan to hot the markets way-back-when and something we all yearned to have. I remember how thrilled I wa shown I got my first bottle of *that mousse*. The tans have come on a long way since then and tbh I haven’t used them a great deal over the last 5 years, but I picked up the St Tropez Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Mist to take on holiday and it is now a firm fave.

I love tanning sprays simply for the ease and just spiriting this on my face and upper body is super quick and the colour is really natural but you can build it up over a week if you want a warmer tan. I have just been using it in the AM over my skincare as a last step!

st tropez bronzing water mist

Living Proof PHD Advanced Dry Shampoo. I am such a fan of the original Living Proof GHD dry shampoo. I go through it by the ton it seems. It’s just the best. This newer one isn’t a replacement but it’s in the same family! It is a dry shampoo that actually cleans your hair as opposed to just making it *look* cleansing by reducing the oil with powder. It’s fancy. It really works to and it makes my hair feel super fresh and gorgeous after using it.

Which one do I prefer? I like both and use the original more often, but the advanced when I am need of some hair S.O.S.

living proof phd advanced dry shampoo


North Wales/ holiday. Beautiful, much-needed and was so very enjoyable! Getting away just us 3 was the tonic we all needed after the last couple of years. We are already dreaming of out next getaway and I have been eyeing up Scotland for so many years that I really hope to get there this year!

best places to go north Wales

Bloom & Wild Dried Flowers. You already will know I’m a bit of a B&W fan and have been buying them now for many years. More recently they have been doing some INCREDIBLE dried flower bunches which I have been filling up the new house with. They do seem kind of pricey for the sizes *but * they of course last many, many years so it kind of makes sense to me. I recently purchased The Mimi (pictured) and they are bring me a lot of joy!


bloom and wild discount code

Leopard-print Covers high-tops! They are out again! I had them packed away in a box for months which I could not, for the life of me, find. We found the box in storage just a couple of weeks ago and they are back on my feet and feeling’ fine. I think they are one of my favourite pairs of my ever-growing converse collection. I think I have around 16 pairs now as I find the just so easy and comfy! I often buy them from ASOS as they have some of the best styles and colour-ways!

leopard print converse asos

…and breath out! That’s how my whirlwinfd month of March was looking, and all the things that I was reaching for and bought me joy and good vibes. Now let’s face April and I’ll catch up with you again in a month bringing you some new things and products that have hit the spot!

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