More than a Memory – By Ambassador Grace

In 2020 I had the opportunity to be an ambassador for Beth Millner Jewelry and truly fell in love with the jewelry and the creativity of the team.  I am naturally not creative by nature and it gave me the opportunity to be creative and have fun with pictures while promoting an amazing woman owned brand.  Six months after the conclusion of my ambassadorship my world was rocked with the loss of my boss and friend in my chiropractic world.  

Butterfly ring handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

When I started as a young doctor 11 years ago I began working with her and over time our careers grew closer and so did our friendship.  When she passed it was extremely difficult for our teams and our women created small businesses.  Bobbi was larger than life and always brought a smile to everyone’s faces.  She made time for the little things and always had a way of making every single person feel loved and special. 

Hodag Chiropractic

In the days after her service Beth’s team helped me to pick out something special for her girls and myself to always keep her near.  The monarch butterfly had a special role in her service.  Beth’s butterfly rings were perfect, small enough to take with each of us for when we needed her and special because of the connection to her.  

I take my ring just about everywhere with me especially when I know I need her guidance from afar.  Jewelry can be so much more than meets the eye, and Beth’s team is excellent at helping you pick out what you need most. 

As Dr. Bobbi would say “Have Your Best Day!”

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