‘My Face Was So Smooth After This’: TikTokers Are Raving About This Easy Beauty Blender Trick


Of all the strange, viral hacks to come from TikTok, freezing your Beauty Blender may well be the least outrageous. It’s a strange-ish concept, yes – exactly who initially came up with the idea is unclear – but, all in all, it’s one that promises to de-puff the skin and give an impressive dewy finish to foundation and concealer alike.

It’s as simple as it sounds, too. Simply run your beauty blender under a tap as you would usually, and freeze for 2 hours minimum. The blender will be solid as a rock when you take it out of the freezer, so it’s best to let it thaw a little before you reach for your make-up. You need that classic Beauty Blender bounce in order to achieve an even finish. Intrigued? See how the TikTok set do it below:

Watch: TikTokers Freeze Their Beauty Blenders

So, fad or fabulous? The TikTok jury seem to be leaning toward the latter. Using a tool so cold means you’re lending your skin a dose of cryotherapy as you blend. Skin benefits include de-puffing and a reduction of inflammation. Once the initial icy shock has subsided and you’re used to the temperature, it feels invigorating – it’s an effective pick-me-up on early mornings.

And then there’s the finish factor. Those that favour Beauty Blenders over brushes normally do so because they love the second-skin effect they afford foundation. Pair that with the glow the low temperatures of a frozen blender infuse skin with, and you have yourself a must-have make-up tool.

There’s just one thing to note, though. Ensure your foundation is oil-free. Oil repels water, so when a damp beauty blender and an oil-based foundation meet, the chances are you’ll experience some patchiness.

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Main image credit: Grazia, TikTok: @amelia0livia, @andreeapletea, @missdarcei


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