There’s a new credit card that will reward you for supporting female entrepreneurs.

March is Women’s History Month, which is a time to recognize the many incredible achievements women have made throughout history.

One way to celebrate this month is by choosing to shop at women-owned businesses. This can help women succeed, and it can encourage more girls and women to start their own business ventures.

There’s a new credit card that will soon reward you for shopping at women-owned businesses, meaning you can make a difference and earn credit card rewards at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about this new credit card.

The Card by Seneca Women

This new credit card is called the Card by Seneca Women, and it’s the first credit card of its kind. Seneca Women, a global leadership and media platform, has partnered with Mastercard and Deserve to create this card and increase support for women-owned businesses.

Cardmembers will earn 3% cash back on shopping at select women-owned companies listed within the Seneca Women Marketplace. Currently, they have over one million women-owned businesses listed, which gives you plenty of places to do your shopping.

In addition to the 3% cash back when shopping at stores listed in the Seneca Women Marketplace, cardholders can also earn rewards in other ways. This card earns 2% cash back on your monthly top spending category and 1% cash back on all other purchases. The 3% cash back and 2% cash back rewards are capped at a cumulative spend of $500 per month. Cash back earnings can be redeemed or donated, and there is no annual fee to use this card.

Make a difference

Did you know that women own 42% of all companies in the United States? Let’s support them! By getting the Card by Seneca Women, you’ll be making a difference. You’ll have the opportunity to support more female entrepreneurs and put your money toward helping accelerate gender equality while empowering women in business.

You can also help in other ways. Cardholders can use their rewards to support women-focused nonprofits that are part of the Women’s Economic Future Fund. You can also nominate women-owned businesses to be added to the Seneca Women Marketplace.

This credit card is not yet available, but will be sometime this spring. If you’re interested in applying for the Card by Seneca Women, you can be added to the waitlist.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new credit card, check out our list of top credit cards to learn more about the benefits of each one and apply for one that meets your needs.