Nighttime Hair Routine for Natural Hair for Growth and Health


Nighttime Hair Routine for Natural Hair

As a woman with chemically treated hair (texturized) I make sure to practice proper care at night and implement a night hair care routine. I think that every woman should have a Nighttime Hair Routine for Natural Hair for Growth and Health.

If you do not have a night hair care routine, then continue reading this blog post all about nighttime routing for natural hair.

When I was younger, I never realized how important it is to care for your hair at night, and now that I am older, I love to take care of my hair at night and protect it. If you are wondering how to protect your hair at night, then I will be your virtual guide to caring for your hair at night.

Here are many factors you should practice at night for your hair:

1. Oil Your Scalp

Ladies, I can not emphasize how important it is to oil your scalp at night. Recently (a few months ago) I started to oil my scalp 3 times per week, and it has boosted my hair growth!

I was doing some research on youtube on ways to promote hair growth and I came upon a slew of videos using hair growth oil to promote healthy hair growth. The main oil that was used is the Wild Growth Hair Oil. This oil is fairly cheap, and you can find it at your local beauty supply store for around $15. It also lasts around 2 months of hair applications.

Oiling your scalp at night before you go to bed only takes maybe 5-10 minutes and is a crucial step if you want to see massive hair growth.

2. Start With a Good Scalp Massage

Believe it or not, giving yourself a good scalp massage is a great way to start off the night when caring for your hair. For me, I find that massaging my scalp with my hands does me no justice. Recently I have discovered scalp massagers that are budget-friendly and are gentle on the hair.

The scalp massagers that I am referring to are ones that you can find at sally’s or online. They are basic and can also detangle the hair. They are also great at removing product buildup that can form on the scalp and are usually used in the shower while shampooing the hair. So, these tools are multi-purpose and come in handy.

The scalp massager that I personally use is by Hairstory. I recently did a review on the cleansing conditioner that they make, and they also gave me a scalp massager. These tools are also called shampoo brushes and I would recommend one to anyone that wants to invigorate the scalp or massage it. Trust me, it is a great tool, and my hair and scalp have been loving it.

Anyways, what you want to do is basically massage the scalp with the brush for a good five minutes, making sure that you get every area on the scalp. Then detangle your tangled hair, and you are ready for the next step.

wild growth hair oil

3. Re-moisturize and Seal

The next step that I like to implement in my night care routine is moisturizing the hair with a light moisturizer. You don’t want to weigh the hair down as you will be doing this each night. My favorite hair moisturizer to use is the Crème of Nature Argan Oil hair moisturizer. It smells great and is not too heavy. All I do is rub a dime-size amount into the palm of my hands and apply it to the hair, mostly concentrating on the ends of the hair as they are the most fragile and need the most care and attention.

 Moisturizing your hair at night is a great way to condition the hair while you sleep. In the morning, I find that my hair is supple and soft and feels the same way it would if you were to keep your hair in a bun for a few hours. What better time to do this than at night when you don’t have to do anything while you are sleeping. But the best way to penetrate the moisturizer is by implementing the next step, and that is to protect the hair at night

4. Invest In a Satin/Silk Bonnet

The reason why I love night hair care is that you get to condition the hair while you sleep and after you have applied your moisturizer, you want to protect the hair from any friction/ air and other elements from the hair at night. Here’s how to protect hair at night: I usually double up on the hair gear at night and, after wrapping the hair up, I secure it with a satin durag. Doing this keeps the hair in place so that my hair is silky smooth in the morning and prevents me from using heat on my hair to straighten, which in the end will save your hair.

After I place the durag over my wrapped hair, I remove the clips that kept the wrap in place and make sure that the durag is secure on my head. Next, I will take my sating bonnet and place it over the durag.

I find that by doing this, my hair and durag will not unravel, which can be so very annoying when it unravels, and I hate bad hair days.  The bonnet is a lifesaver for me and I don’t have to worry about my hair unraveling no matter how bad I sleep at night.

5. Wrap Hair At Night

If you want a great hair day, and to avoid any extra heat damage, then wrapping your hair at night is the way to go. When I was younger, I always had the hardest time wrapping my hair at night the usual way and would usually part my hair down the middle and wrap the hair in opposite directions. As time went on, I noticed that my hair would crinkle and ruin the hairstyle I was trying to achieve. But thanks to youtube, I can now wrap my hair like everyone else and not have crinkly hair in the morning.

I would recommend wrapping the hair at night to practice good night hair care. Wrapping the hair at night protects your strands from the natural elements such as dry air and rubbing against hard surfaces such as fabric and cotton sheets.

You will benefit from wrapping your hair at night because your hair goes un-touched at night and is also protected. Your hair will feel soft and supple and will be smooth, straight, and shiny.

6. Use a Satin Pillowcase

Finally, you want to make sure that you are using a satin pillowcase and not a cotton pillowcase. Satin is so gentle on the hair and will not break it or damage it. Using a cotton pillow over time is not beneficial to the hair because it is a rough material and can sap out the moisture from the hair.

I have been using satin pillowcases for a while now, and to be honest, I love using them. They may be hard to find in other colors than white and I also find that they get dirty quick, but there’s always detergent and bleach that can knock the dirt out in a heartbeat.

Even though I do protect my hair at night with a durag and satin bonnet, you can never go wrong with taking extra measures. And so I use a satin pillowcase just in case my hair was to unravel or even for a night when I don’t feel like wrapping up my hair at night.

Why You Need a Nighttime Routine

I love having a nighttime routine because I feel well kept and it motivates me to go to bed on a positive note. Personally, I love to wrap my hair at night because it completes the whole vibe and I feel better about myself knowing that I invested some time into getting myself ready for a good night’s sleep!

 Implementing these nighttime tips is a great way to get and maintain healthy hair. Meanwhile, protecting your hair at night/ wrapping hair can also protect your face from being in contact with hair products and can, in the end, prevent acne breakouts or discoloration of the skin.


Hair is one of the most expensive things to replace. Protecting your hair at night routine for 4c natural hair by using a silk pillowcase, moisturizing your hair, and wrapping your hair at night can go a long way in preserving what you already have. If you want more tips like these, we’ve got them! Check out our blog for everything from how to get rid of dandruff to how to grow natural hair long. We know that protecting the quality and length of your hair isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t need to be difficult either–let us help!


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