One2Three Jewelry 5 Top Secrets of Jewelry Cleaning

This article is about quality, fast and free cleaning of jewelry at home, without spoiling the precious stone.  

Wearing diamond jewelry – a great pleasure and nice memories of the moment of receiving the jewel as a gift or the choice for the main event in life. Such jewelry is worth a lot of money and is designed to delight its owners for many years. However, the stones and gold can be damaged by contact with the body. A good owner must take care of the jewelry so that its shine does not fade with the years. 


How do you clean jewelry quickly and make it sparkle like new?

Here’s how to get your jewelry in order without spending a dime. It’s quick and easy. 

Specialists recommend to clean your diamonds at least once a month; such cleaning should be regular and be accompanied by a thorough check of all the fastenings of the stone as well as the condition of the precious metal: it may need a little polishing to remove scratches and damage.  Read the article to the end and you will learn not only how to clean jewelry at home quickly and well, but also why not all jewelry should be trusted to a professional ultrasonic cleaning. Most jewelers will not share these subtleties with you.


 Immerse the ring in alcohol and then simply wipe it with a soft cloth, this method gives excellent results and does not harm either the stone or the metal.



For this type of jewelry cleaning, you need ammonia alcohol. One teaspoon of ammonia dissolve in a glass of water and dip the ring in it for half an hour, then renew the solution and do the procedure again. Afterwards, wash and dry the jewelry well. It is fast and easy. However, pay attention! There is also a minus – sometimes the stones can become cloudy. 


  • Method 3 The most gentle 


The most gentle way to deal with the stones is immersion in a solution of warm detergent for dishes. But you will need to keep the jewelry in the solution a little longer. Then rinse and wipe it with a dry cloth. You can also use warm sweetened water to clean it. Such a solution is good for removing grease deposits and restoring luster to the stones.


Why not all jewelry can be professionally cleaned?

Not all jewelers are aware of this, but you should be if you want to keep your jewelry in its original state. For cleaning in Ultrasonic you can give jewelry with diamonds, gold jewelry without stones. But jewelry pieces with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, and opals should not be cleaned. This kind of cleaning will simply kill the stone in 90% of cases. Especially if it is Glass filled, and you did not know that, then you will get a cloudy, cracked stone after the cleaning procedure at the best.

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