Police announce arrests, charges in Oakridge Mall shooting


SAN JOSE — Authorities have announced the arrest of a man who fired a machine pistol in a crowded Oakridge Mall amid the holiday shopping rush in December, also revealing allegations that he was shooting at two men who had just snatched jewelry off him in plain sight.

Naylen Hobson-Plattner. (Photo courtesy of San Jose Police) 

Naylen Hobson-Plattner, 18, of San Jose, is currently being held without bail at the Santa Clara County Main Jail and has been charged in the Dec. 20 evening shooting, including with two counts of attempted murder.

According to police and mall surveillance footage, Hobson-Plattner was walking in the mall with his girlfriend when two men approached them near the Forever 21 and Target stores, and within moments grabbed a piece of jewelry off Hobson-Plattner, in full public view.

His girlfriend appeared to push him toward the exit afterward, but he resisted her, reached into a bag, and pulled out a handgun — later determined to have been modified for fully automatic fire. Police say he fired more than a dozen rounds at the two men, who by then had run off toward the Target, causing a mass scramble of frantic shoppers running away from the scene.

Mallgoers and employees were instructed to shelter in place while San Jose police searched the mall for more than three hours, and while they found the shooting aftermath, the shooter and men he fired at were long gone.

Surveillance footage and images were shared with area law-enforcement agencies, and an investigator in San Mateo County recognized Hobson-Plattner from a past case in that region and alerted San Jose police.

SJPD served an arrest warrant for Hobson-Plattner at a San Jose home on Jan. 12 and took him into custody. Police reported that ensuing search warrants recovered a firearm and DNA evidence that the county crime lab analyzed to link him to the crime scene.

On Jan. 25, one of the men suspected of robbing Hobson-Plattner was arrested and identified as a 19-year-old San Jose resident. The second suspect, identified as a 18-year-old San Jose resident, was arrested March 9. Both men were charged with robbery and are currently out of jail custody.

Police say there is no known connection between Hobson-Plattner and the two men, and it remains unclear why they targeted him. The alleged robbers were identified by SJPD gang detectives, but police have not said whether gang motives fueled the initial robbery.


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