I am SO excited to share this episode with you. Sali Hughes is back and this time she joins me and Suzy Nightingale for an episode of On The Scent.
If you heard the first episode I did with Sali many moons ago, you’ll know that fragrance is one of her biggest passions. In this episode Suzy and I delve deep into the fragrances Sali uses in her emotionally-supportive toolkit and we find out so much about her through this joyful (and often revealing) discussion.

Here are the scents that she

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Fragrances that formed part of Sali’s childhood:

@yardleylondonuk English Lavender

@officialbiba perfume (1970s)

@diorbeauty Miss Dior (the original)

The scents Sali uses now as…

Signature scents:

@chanelofficial No5

@yslbeauty Rive Gauche

@fredericmalle L’Eau D’Hiver


@chanelofficial Coco

@ormondejayne Ormonde Woman

@guerlain Mitsouko

Va-va-voom sexy (for herself):

@celine Nightclubbing

Immediately calming:

@johnsonsbabyuk Baby Lotion

@nivea_uk Creme

@fredericmalle Cologne Indélébile

Wild card:

@heeleyofficial L’Amandiere Extraits

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Read Sali’s books:

Pretty Honest https://tinyurl.com/PrettyHonest

Pretty Iconic https://tinyurl.com/PrettyIconic

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