Save $70 on Ninja’s Powerful Mega System Blender Today




If you’re ready to upgrade to a big power blender, I can tell you from experience that it’s worth the investment. I leveled up from whatever cheap thing was collecting dust in the basement to a souped-up version and found that I use it far more often. The good news there is aside from the occasional batch of frozen drinks, most of what comes out of a blender is usually pretty healthy: shakes, smoothies, soups and the like. 

Speaking of blender investment, you don’t have to empty your savings to get a hardcore blender like the powerful Ninja Mega Kitchen System… which is down to $130 right now at Best Buy. That’s $70 off the normal price and cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else on the web right now.

The beauty of this particular blender system is how much you can do with it. It’s got a large 72-ounce blending container and two 16-ounce blender cups to make smoothies and shakes and take them on the go. There’s also a 64-ounce round bowl that functions as a food processor so you’re really getting a high-octane food chopper in addition to a very powerful 1,500-watt blender.

I’ve personally tested many a Ninja blender including this one and have found them to be the best blenders at this second price tier, under Vitamix, Breville and Blendtec — all of which will run you $250 or more. Best Buy will ship the Mega Kitchen System for free or you can pick it up at your local branch, pending inventory.

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