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For when he need "just a trim."

For when he need “just a trim.”

This year, “No Shave November” might have been a little bit easier since many of us are letting our hair all hang out instead of taking trips to a salon or barbershop.

Maybe over the past few months you learned to cut your own locks at home, or tried touching up your roots. Maybe you heard all the buzz around buzz cuts and clipped it all off.

While our hair went through the ringer in recent months, you probably know a guy who has taken the idea of a “quarantine beard” and ran with it. After all, the clean-shaven look is out and scruff is in.

And yes, he probably have told you a thousand times that he won’t be shaving it all off anytime soon.

Now that the holidays are almost here, you’ll want to get the bearded fellow, mustachioed man or guy with a goatee in your life a gift that’ll celebrate all his — ahem — growth in 2020.

That’s why we went ahead and picked out everything from a pre-shaving scrub that’s the perfect “facial fuel” to a two-for-one electric trimmer and shaver and a beard bib for when they’re freshening up in the bathroom that’ll make them (and their beard) happy.

Check out these grooming gifts for the bearded guys in your life:

A shaving subscription so that he never runs out of razors


If you didn’t know, Harry’s a is a well-known men’s grooming brand. Harry’s offers a subscription service that sends refill blades and shaving cream every two, three or five months. Check out Harry’s subscription plans and products.

An two-in-one electric trimmer and shaver


This trimmer and shaver can work on just about any kind of hairy situation — whether he’s going for a full beard or starting off with stubble. You can trim with it or shave away (it’s designed to not shave too close for comfort). And it has over 1,000 reviews — a definite rave. Find it for $30 at Walmart.

A beard bib to make sure there’s no mess left in the bathroom sink

Uncommon Goods

Taking care of a beard can be a lot of work — and make a bit of a mess in the bathroom. This beard bib catches clippings as you trim them (and before they hit the sink) with suction cups that can stick to a mirror. The kit also comes with a wood beard-shaping comb. Find it for $30 at Uncommon Goods.

A facial hair shaping tool to follow the contours of his face

Urban Outfitters

Give the barber a run for their money with this shaping tool, which can help keep a clean line and maintain symmetry when going in with clippers or a razor. Find it for $10 at Urban Outfitters.

A post-shave cooling gel to keep his skin calm


From Jack Black, this cooling gel can help with redness and irritation that sometimes appear right after shaving. It’s non-greasy and made with ingredients including sage and lavender. Find it for $20 at Nordstrom.

A “hipster” beard kit that can handle handlebar mustaches


This kit comes with a conditioning beard oil, which features cedar, sage and clove essential oils, comb (in the shape of a fabulous mustache) and scissors. It’s especially perfect for those with mustaches and goatees. Find it for $20 at Ulta.

A beard starter kit for beginners


To make sure he keeps h beard in tip-top shape, this starter kit includes a beard wash, conditioner, moisturizer and oil. Find it for $36 at Walmart.

A pint glass that’s an ode to facial hair

Uncommon Goods

If he has a truly great beard, you can toast to that with this pint glass. It features the famous faces of Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, important scientists who also had amazing beards. Find it for $18 at Uncommon Goods.

A pre-shaving scrub that’s the perfect “facial fuel”


To get “a close, comfortable shave,” this scrub can be used right before grabbing the razor to help with rough facial and ingrown hair. It’s made with caffeine and menthol to give off a cooling sensation. Find it for $22 at Sephora.

A — get this — heated razor

The Art of Shaving

For the truly special someone, this heated razor “lets you experience the comfort of a hot towel shave.” It has two levels of heat, a waterproof design and can work with the contours of the face. Get it while it’s hot. Find it for $200 at The Art of Shaving.

A beard balm to keep to his hairs in place


Guys can work their beard the way they want with this balm, which is meant to be easy to use. Plus, the balm also can be used as a leave-in treatment or deep conditioning wash-off mask. Find it for $30 at Walmart.

A skin care set so they finally get in the habit of a routine


This set includes four bestsellers from Clinique, including a full-size face wash and travel-size facial scrub. If he’s spending a lot of time taking care of his beard, he can at follow a skin care routine, too, to make his skin stays glowing. Find it for $46 at Nordstrom.