The Best Sustainable Beauty Products Of 2022


Sustainability is the number one lifestyle trend that has made people more conscious of their beauty products, Get on clean and sustainable beauty.

Sustainable beauty is here, more and more companies are looking to clean ingredients thanks to the consumers who are choosing sustainable solutions over their long-term use brands.

There is a lot more to think about in terms of sustainable beauty other than the clean ingredients, you can’t forget about minimizing plastics with the wrappings, and checking out a beauty company’s climate action policies. If you are trying to switch up your bathroom products to be sustainable, look for labels that say plastic and climate neutral, cruelty-free, vegan and zero-impact products.

Some of your favorite brands are coming out with refillable lines, but make way for some new favorites brands as they are finding their light in the beauty industry. These are 10 of the best sustainable beauty products of 2022.

10 Viori Rice Shampoo Bar

Most shampoo or conditioner bars are pretty high on the sustainability scale, but some use cleaner and more sustainable products than others, while still yielding shiny and silky hair.

Viori Beauty Rice Shampoo Bar is one of them, as the name says, it uses rice to manufacture a water-free product that uses sustainable packaging and a low-carbon footprint shipping. Not to mention a portion of the proceeds go to support Red Yao Tribe’s community, making this a real eco-forward brand.

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9 Honest Beauty Mascara

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba is known for its transparency with products and sustainable ingredients. The number one clean mascara on Amazon is the Honest Beauty 2-in-1 lash primer and mascara.

For quality to price, and dependably clean ingredients, look to Honest Beauty.


8 Nuud Anti-Odorant

Deodorant is bad for the planet and bad for your pits. Ditch the traditional deo and switch to the Nuud Anti-odorant. It uses micro silver to neutralize bacteria in your pits, but without blocking your sweat glands. You will be amazed that it works for days and is showerproof.

Plus their packaging, manufacturing and shipping are climates neutral.

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7 Glossier Solid Perfume

Glossier is a celebrity favorite in terms of beauty and makeup companies for their clean ingredients and diversity in products. Most of their products are intended to blend with the individual’s skin tone, to create a unique shade to their undertones.

While the brand is making a considerable effort to become more sustainable with its packaging, the refillable solid perfume is a standout product that smells amazing.

6 The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser

The Ordinary makes clean skincare and makeup products, their concealers and foundations are the perfect product for sensitive skin.

Try out the squalene cleanser which is perfect for cleaning and hydrating your skin, without harming the environment. All Ordinary products are affordable without a cost to clean ingredients.

5 Everyday Humans PHA Oil Cleanser

This women of color-founded beauty company is climate change neutral and cruelty-free. Their products are clean and unique such as the Resting Beach Face Sunscreen Serum or their clean hand sanitizer product.

A standout is the Watery PHA Oil cleanser is infused with fig extract and loaded with ceramides to deep clean your skin without leaving it dry in the slightest.

4 Fenty Refillable Skincare Products

Rihanna is always one step ahead of the game, especially with her Fenty Beauty line. The brand now offers refillable skincare products for their fat water, cleanser and SPF moisturizer giving big incentives to use the entire line for sustainable beauty lovers.

Also, check out the refillable lipstick line, you have to purchase a lipstick case separately, and make a commitment to refillable lipstick, but why not it’s one of the best lip products on the market. Stay tuned for further sustainable updates from Fenty Beauty.

3 Beauty Counter Refillable Cream Blush

Beauty Counter is making a name for itself in the clean beauty industry. From their ultra-hydrating face masks to the light and clean foundations, they have a lot of products to choose from.

A standout is the refillable cream blush, it is made with clean and transparent ingredients that slide right on without feeling cakey. The best part is you can buy refills to reduce your plastic waste, all while rocking a natural glow.

2 Hey Humans Body Wash In Rose Ginger

Make shower time luxurious and smell good all while using sustainable products. The rose ginger body wash from Hey Humans is an accessible product for the price, and all the wrappings are completely recyclable, not to mention they use clean ingredients meant to support any gender.

Jada Pinkett Smith is the celebrity face of the brand, so if it is good enough for you it is good enough for you.

1 Pretty Much Anything From MOB Beauty

For those who want access to all refillable beauty products that they could imagine, check out MOB beauty. The brand is clean, uses sustainable packaging and is inexpensive to the average beauty lover when compared to the big brands.

For a clean product that is reliable and that you can always refill, check out their eyeliner tablets, customized and versatile makeup pallets and more.

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