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Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood of Collagerie with their Conran Shop collab


When I recorded the podcast episode with Lucinda Chambers she was incredibly gracious and warm and welcomed us into her home. Chez Chambers is as super-chic and stripey as you would imagine; and sitting on her sofa surrounded by cushions galore, on a Friday afternoon, I felt so comfortable I could’ve stayed all weekend.

An incredibly talented stylist and creative director, of course Lucinda’s Collagerie website – co-founded with ex-Vogue staffer, Serena Hood  – is flying. And it was only a matter of time before Collagerie launched a range of interiors, a colourful collaboration with The Conran Shop. In an interview with the iconic retailer, Lucinda talks about interior styling, ‘You can take one statement item, such as the massive black and electric yellow vase and it will change the dynamic of a room. But also, you can pile on the stripes, mismatch them and watch them having a very colourful conversation! I always say colour begets colour, so be brave and bold.’ Sound advice whether you’re putting together an outfit or creating an elaborate table setting.

Another cool collab worth looking out for is the Marni collection with Uniqlo which launches later this week. Lucinda Chambers is a big Marni fan and her clothing label Colville is a partnership with former Marni design director Molly Molloy. Apparently, there’s another Collagerie x Conran collab coming this autumn – and Team Collagerie is currently designing a collection of clothes. The joy of stripes knows no bounds.


Shop the spring/summer Collagerie x Conran Shop collection HERE.


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