The Perfect White Tee – Reviews, Tips, and More!


My white tee try-on and review is finally here! This post was highly recommended and I’m excited to share my findings. I’ve been wearing the same 3 tees for a good 3 years now. So crazy! 2 of the 3 are no longer being made and the other one is detailed down below. Since, I was due for new white tees, I knew I would need to do some research to find a few more options. I’m so glad I put the time in because I have 2 new ones I absolutely love and recommend.

Before I get into my reviews, I want to talk about what my perfect white tee looks like. I think we all want something different, so keep that in mind when reading through my thoughts. Some people might be looking for a more snug fit and others, like me, are looking for the perfect slouchy tee. It really all comes down to preferences. I like to have 2 different types of tees in my wardrobe – a crewneck and a scoop neck. Both to be worn on their own or under jacket/blazer/cardigan. It needs to be crisp and drape nicely. It needs to be able to stand alone. I did notice the boxier tees tend to drape better. I know a lot of tees get bad reviews saying their too boxy. But, when tucked the boxier tees tend to drape better. Just something to note.

The 3 favorite tees from the past:

Everlane Air Tee xs – detailed down below
Everlane Boxy Tee xs (no longer available) – This was one of the best tees, ever! I do not understand why they discontinued it. It draped so beautifully and was slightly oversized.
AG Hensen Tee xs (no longer available) – This tee is super old, but I love the scoop neck it has and the way it drapes. Luckily, I ordered what I think is the updated version. More on this one down below.

Everlane Air Tee xs – I’ve been wearing this tee for 2 years now. It’s super lightweight, has a scoop neck, and layers wonderfully. The main reason I like this tee is the way it drapes. It goes so nicely under a blazer, jacket, or cardigan. It’s the perfect scoop without being too revealing. With that being said, it’s very thin and fairly sheer. I wear a nude bra under and have no problems, but it’s definitely one of the sheerest tees I won.

All Saints Tee xs – This tee has good weight to it and I picked it for it’s v-neck length. Doesn’t reveal too much and isn’t a straight forward V. It’s not overly sheer either. The seams and v-neck detail are a raw hem, which I don’t love. Typically, with raw hems or loose hems, the tee tends to come undone over time or just look sloppy.

AG Aspen U tee small – As mentioned above, I believe this is the updated version of the Hensen tee I love. This is such a great tee shirt and 1 of 2 that I found out of my search. It fits well around the shoulders and arms, but loose in the torso. It drapes beautifully, it’s soft, and the scoop neck is perfect! I did size up for a more oversized fit. The material isn’t overly thin either, so not sheer.

AG Ex-boyfriend tee xs – While ordering the Aspen U tee, I found this one and thought it could be a great crewneck option. Unfortunately, the weight of the tee was too much and the white had too much bluish tones. It does fit oversized.

Jenni Kayne Vintage Tee xs – This is a great vintage style tee. Although, vintage does have that worn in look, which makes it slightly sheer. It’s boxy and oversized, but as mentioned above, boxy tees make for the best slouchy tees. It’s super soft and comfy. My only issue is, I don’t love the pocket.

SKIMS Boyfriend Tee xs – I wasn’t able to order this in white, but figured I would try it on for fit. This is made from that stretchy, drapey fabric. The neck runs small and snug and the overall length of the tee is long. The tee is super soft and comfy. I do worry that the white may be sheer. Does anyone have this tee in white and can comment on how sheet it is?

Everlane Box Cut Tee medium – This was recommended by many of you and I was initially hesitant because I have this tee in an xs with a pocket and don’t love it. I saw on the website it comes without a pocket, so I immediately ordered it and sized up. It runs short and boxy and more snug when you get your normal size, so I sized up to a medium (2 sizes). I’m so glad I did because I absolutely love this tee! It’s crisp, thick, but not stiff, and the perfect shade of white. It’s also more affordable than some of these other tees.

Ninety Percent Tee xs – A reader recommended this brand from Net-a-Porter and I immediately ordered a few tees. Everything from the brand is so simple and classic. Unfortunately, I didn’t love how thick and stiff the tee was. The color also has a blue tint, which I try to stay away from. The fit is oversized and since it’s quite thick, it’s not sheer at all.

Other White Tee’s Recommend By You

Caslon Rounded V Neck – This tee was recommended by many of you and I’ve actually had this tee in the past. I didn’t love it – it stretches out, it has that vintage look, so pretty sheer, and just not the best quality. The hems are not crisp so it tends to fold and look pretty beaten up over time.

Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee – This was another tee that came highly recommended. I actually have a few of these tees and they’ve been put into the “wear at home” pile. They just don’t hold up well. Nothing special about it. It doesn’t was well, it stretches out, and there’s no drape.


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