The Polish Colors You Need to Achieve the ‘Naked Nails’ Trend

The early 2000s might have made a comeback with loud colors and bold prints earlier in the year, but nail trends have recently made their way back to minimalism. The naked nails trend overlaps with Hailey Bieber’s ‘glazed donut’ nails. The phenomenon, like many, has been popularized by TikTok.

Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec says the naked nail trend “uses a combination of neutral colors, sheer tones, and glowy reflections (using chrome).” However, the nail polish isn’t all that goes into the trend. “The look also includes perfect cuticles and rounded edges. Also known as ‘supermodel’ nails, the look includes super clean, beautiful cuticles, really even coverage with a gorgeous Bubble Bath type shade mimicking milk bath nails.”

Creative director of Zoya Nail Polish, Rebecca Isa, was ahead of the trend. The Naked Manicure brand launched back in 2016. It features color-correcting products to help everyone achieve the naked look. “Lavender corrects yellowing, pink brightens and the white fills in a free edge that is separating. The remaining shades range from peach to beige to mauve. They can be layered to create a custom color,” says Isa. She recommends applying a dense top coat when creating a naked nail for the perfect glossy appearance.

When trying to achieve the naked nail trend look for “milky pink, milky white and neutral tones,” suggests Kandalec. For a more advanced look, Kandalec says she loves “seeing a crisp white, simple nail art look on top of this milky white, milky pink design. It’s tonal, and you can’t see it until you’re really up close. I think there’s something really beautiful, simple, and understated about it.”

We talked to the experts and gathered a list of products that will help you achieve the naked nail trend. Get Bieber-approved naked nails at home with these polish colors and top coats.

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Lights Lacquer Clara ($11)

For that holographic look that some naked nail trend participants have, Kandalec recommends Clara from Lights Lacquer. It’s described as a sugared opalescent color with a blue shift.

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OPI Bubble Bath Nail Polish ($11)

Kandalec recommends this OPI polish shade. It aligns perfectly with her “milky pink” description of the naked manicure.

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Lights Lacquer YNBB (Your Nails But Better) ($11)

Lights Lacquer’s YNBB collection has a ton of pretty neutral colors, notes Kandalec. The Thea, Cecilia and Aurora shades are especially great for the naked nail look.

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Zoya Gelie-Cure Foundation Pro Kit Travel LED Light ($72)

This kit has everything you need for a gel-like manicure at home. Isa says it “works wonders to create a naked manicure for a damaged nail. It uses a serum and pale white repair base that is topped with a light-cured demi-gel.”

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CND Romantique

Kandalec says this is a “great shade.” It’s semi-sheer and perfectly pink.