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Ever since I was young, I can remember my family emphasizing that handmade gifts are the best gifts. They are full of thought and care. I have continued this tradition with my own family and encourage my kids to make gifts vs. buy them. I have also encourage adults to do the same. As I am typing this, I am looking at my Christmas tree and the handmade ornaments my mom made for me several years ago. In another corner is a handmade advent calendar my mother-in-law made and in a closet in the other room is a handmade quilt my grandmother made for me. These were once presents and are now my most cherished treasures.

If you are wanting to make gifts for the holidays, jewelry is an excellent choice. It’s something that people can wear and enjoy, it’s small (I think we are all short on space!), and it can very easily be personalized to show extra thought. Here are three of my favorite ways to create personalized jewelry.

Use birthstone colors/gemstones in your designs. If you know the birth month of your friend or loved one, you can use the birthstone chart we have in our guides section to find their birthstone. A great option for matching birthstones to beads is to use either PRESTIGE crystals or Dakota Stones gemstones. Both offer a wide range of selections, and you can surely find something that appeals to you and works into your design.


Charms. There are so many great charms out there that can be matched to a person’s interest or likes. For instance, if your loved one just had a baby, there’s a beautiful sterling silver stork charm that could be hung from a sterling silver finished chain, or if your friend is an animal lover, we have loads of animal charms that could be made into earrings, bracelets, or even bookmarks. Hobby and sports charms add a personal touch too.


Create matching bracelets or necklaces for friends and loved ones. I love this idea and it’s a project that I have been wanting to get to for some time. If you have a several friends or sisters or a mom and daughter pair, consider making some identical pieces of jewelry and giving them to your loved ones as matching sets. Perhaps you have three sisters, you can make them each a matching heart necklace and one for yourself as well.  I think it’s a really special way of creating a lasting memento. Some supplies that lend themself to this concept are: finished chain necklaces, PRESTIGE Crystal heart pendants, charm bracelets, and charms (to name a few). 

Bonus Thought: One last quick idea (and I know this makes 4) is to give the gift of supporting someone’s hobby and passion. If you know a friend loves to make jewelry, consider giving them supplies like new tool set or a new tool that would spark their creativity (like a bead loom). Creatives love supplies and even if you don’t know exactly what they would like, any supply would be welcome, seen as personal and thoughtful, and would be a wonderful pursuit for them in the new year. If you can’t decide, a gift card lets them pick out their own supplies.


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