With Jessica Irwin

You’ve probably heard stories of jewellers who’ve found success on TikTok, but if you’ve never posted before, getting started can feel overwhelming. In this episode, Jessica Irwin of Violet Moon Jewelry is telling us all about her experience with growing her business on TikTok. Jessica shares her top tips for jewellers who are new to the app, explains how she stays motivated and inspired, and shares some real-life examples of how posting on TikTok increased her sales.

Episode Description:

  • Today we’ll be talking with Jessica Irwin of Violet Moon Jewelry (1:16)

  • How did you start making jewellery? (2:17)

  • When did you start posting on TikTok? (5:57)

  • What types of content typically perform best for you on TikTok? (9:37)

  • How does a viral video translate to business growth for you? (10:52)

  • Do you enjoy creating content? (12:17)

  • How often do you post? (14:20)

  • What advice do you have for someone who’s just starting on TikTok? (16:24)

  • How should TikTok content differ from Instagram? (19:15)

  • Where do you get inspiration for your content creation? (22:34)

  • What goals do you have for your TikTok? (25:59)

  • How to connect with Jessica (29:34)

About Jessica:
Jessica Irwin is a California native and currently lives a block from the beach in sunny Los Angeles. She started her company, Violet Moon Jewelry, in 2018 and has thoroughly enjoyed the entrepreneurial journey. Jessica lives for travel and new adventures and makes jewelry for like-minded people, using vibrant gemstones and high-quality materials that you can wear on all your adventures! She has also started welding permanent jewelry in the Los Angeles area and has enjoyed this new social aspect of her business.

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