TikTok Star Rocio Soria Shares Her Best Beauty Dupes

Soria believes in ballin’ on a budget—something I absolutely can’t argue with. “As an advocate for accessible beauty who has used Milani Cosmetics since I was in high school, this was the perfect partnership and an absolute dream come true,” she shares. “I would constantly see my favorite YouTube beauty gurus creating these luxe looks with high-end products, and while I couldn’t afford MAC, Milani was there to bring the color and pigment without breaking the bank.” 

Soria kept this in mind when working with Milani on this new collection: “For the Holiday Heist eye shadow palettes, I wanted everyone who came across them to be able to achieve an everyday look and a luxe look all in one palette. As a Latina, I need shades that will pop on my skin so Milani and I co-curated each shade to perfectly suit all skin tones. Additionally, I am known across my social platforms as everyone’s ‘money-saving bestie’ and my motto has always been, ‘Never spend more than you need to.’ Plus, I always finish my videos with the phrase, ‘What do we think?’ These soundbites inspired the Holiday Heist eye shadow palette names as the rose and purple-toned palette in the Luxe Jewel Kit is named What Do We Think? and the Allure Gem Kit eye shadow palette made up of emerald green and gold shades is named Money Saving Bestie.”

“The Holiday Heist collaboration with Milani holds a significant importance to me as a representation of all first-generation Latinas whose parents are immigrants that brought them here for a better future, and who put their hopes and dreams aside to make sure [their children] accomplished all of theirs. Growing up, I never saw someone with my brown skin on a beauty ad and I hope to help inspire the new generation of young girls.”

Shop the Holiday Heist Collection below and take a peak at a few more of Soria’s other favorite beauty products.

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