Top Starbucks Reusable Cups 2022 — Trendy Styles


Check out these new Starbucks reusable cups for summer and you can save 10¢ by using them!

man holding two starbucks tumblers

Save a little extra on your next Starbucks run! ✨

In addition to their legendary drinks and yummy bakery treats, Starbucks’ ever-changing assortment of trendy reusable cups is just one more reason why so many people love to visit their local cafés every season!

Make a stop by your local Starbucks or Target Cafe where you may be able to scoop up the new line of reusable cups released for summer!

We spotted a selection of brightly colored tumblers that are perfect for all your favorite iced drinks this season!

display of starbucks tumblers

Plus, did you know that Starbucks has announced the reintroduction of reusable cups in-stores for customers’ orders? This is a bonus for customers not only because it helps to reduce waste, but also because the chain offers a 10¢ discount AND 25 bonus stars when reusable cups are used. Sweet!

Hip Tip: Starbucks Limited Edition cups tend to sell out quickly! While our location was well-stocked, you may want to head out as soon as possible if you’re hoping to score one of these new designs!

Check out the new tumblers we spotted…

hand holding Starbucks Lime Cold Cup

hand holding Starbucks Lime Speckle Cold Cup

Starbucks Color-Changing Cups 24oz 5-Pack

Starbucks Mystery Changing Cup 24oz

Starbucks Iridescent Bling Cup

starbucks rewards

Are you a Starbucks Rewards Member?

Starbucks Rewards Members can earn 2 stars for every $1 spent using a registered gift card or the Starbucks app. You can then redeem your points at different levels for various items including drinks, merchandise, food, and more! *Note that Star Redemption availability may vary by store.

If you’re lucky enough to accumulate 400 stars, use them to score a single merchandise item for free (up to $20 value) – so you could get one of these new reusable cups for free after stars!

Plus, you’ll also score a FREE Drink or Food item on your birthday. Even better, it can be ANY drink! Grab the biggest, most decked-out drink you can think of and treat yourself on your birthday!

Try this secret menu cold brew!


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