Australia’s infatuation with Asian cuisine continued apace this year, Hass avocado remained a top pick and beer proved more popular post pandemic than it did before the shutdowns, according to a new report from Uber Eats.

Released today, the Uber Cravings report reveals how Australians used the delivery platform to satisfy restaurant, grocery, convenience and liquor cravings throughout 2022.

Restaurant trends

The report finds Indian was the most popular cuisine ordered from restaurants this year, ahead of Thai and Chinese. Italian and Middle Eastern food rounded out the top five.

Poultry also proved popular with chicken burgers and chicken burritos featuring in half of the orders in Uber Eat’s top ten most popular orders list from local small businesses across Australia.
The most popular side, clocking millions of orders, was chips.

Grocery trends

Interest in avos continued to soar nationally with Hass avocado in the top three most popular grocery items nationally on Uber Eats, but bested by the perennial favourite – the Cavendish banana.

At a state level in supermarkets on the app South Aussies were most keen on croissants, Victorians pined after milk, New South Wales placed white bread on the top of their shopping list, West Aussies went big on potatoes, as Queenslanders soaked in bottled water.

Convenience trends

2022 was a big year for convenience ordering, according to the report. Adelaide natives fuelled up on coffee, Queenslanders favoured donuts, Victorians ice cream and Perth locals most likely to be chowing down on chocolate.

Across the continent were some curious convenience combos. Fabric softener and continental cucumbers among one of the most common coupled orders nationwide.

Liquor trends

Beer popularity experienced a post-pandemic lift, with two beers in the top 10 before the outbreak compared to four in the top 10 following the shutdowns. Victoria Bitter edged out Corona and Carlton Dry for the most popular beer on the Uber Eats app but Queenslanders and Victorians were more likely to order Vodka, with New South Wales leaning towards white wine as their preferred post pandemic tipple.

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