Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment


I’ve been testing quite a few blemish treatments lately, and the Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment is just one of the treatments I’ve been trialling.

My favourite recent discovery is the  AXIS-Y Spot The Difference Blemish Treatment, but this blemish paste is a product I picked up from Escentual, when they were running one of their French Pharmacy events.

Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment

Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment

Tackle spots and blemishes with Uriage Hyséac SOS Paste, a targeted spot treatment that works by accelerating the spot maturation process to speed up its departure.

Acting on spots directly, it helps to eliminate impurities with naturally absorbent Green Clay and Zinc, and purify with Schist Oil. Delivers a soothing effect with Uriage Thermal Water.

Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment

Before purchasing the Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment, I hadn’t tried anything from Uriage before, so I had no idea if it would be any good. The description had me intrigued, and it has over 440 rave reviews on Amazon, so I figured it was worth a try, and it was under £10, whilst it was on the 1/3 off deal at Escentual.

The Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment comes in a little plastic jar, and is a thick, pale grey paste. It actually looks (and smells like) a jar of clay face mask, and it even feels a little like a clay face mask too, in that it feels a little chalky and dense.

It’s really quite sticky, which I didn’t enjoy, so I found the best way to apply it was with a cotton bud, dabbed onto the breakout, as it’s quite hard to apply with your fingertip, as when you press it onto the skin, it just sticks back on your finger as it is so sticky.

It doesn’t blend it or fade once applied, so it’s going to be noticeable the whole time it’s on the skin, so it’s definitely the kind of spot treatment you’re going to want to apply before bed. Even overnight, it still feels a little sticky in the morning, so you have to be careful about it transferring onto your pillow during the night.

Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment

For me, the Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment is best applied to blemishes which are really red and angry, as it helps to draw out the impurities quicker. It doesn’t help with under the skin, blemishes which are beginning to form, nor does it help with quickening the healing process.

For me, it works like a drawing paste for the face, which is handy when you want a spot to fully develop and be done with, but it’s quite a harsh treatment. It leaves the skin very dry and flaky, which is the last thing I want with a blemish treatment, as the flakiness ends up making the blemish looking worse.

It’s great it’s affordable, but I just don’t love how sticky, and drying it is, and would rather use a blemish treatment which would help with reducing inflammation, and help with healing, so it’s not a product I’d repurchase, unfortunately.

You can find the Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Blemish Treatment right here.

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