These days with so many wigs available in the market it is such a hassle trying to find the perfect wig for you. Each wig comes with its key features and price range. Different types of things are suitable for different occasions and for different people depending on their experience and how good they are at handing their wigs, if the buyer is an expert or just a beginner. To make it easier for you to buy the perfect wig in this article we will tell you about two different types of wigs so you can easily decide which one is the most perfect for you.

TAG wigs

TAG wigs which stand for throw on and go wigs are a special category of wigs that are specially created by the luvmehair store. This category includes all the types of wigs that are easier to install and style. The wigs that are included in this category are glueless. The main purpose as you can tell from the name is just to throw the wig on your head and you’re good to go .These wigs are lace-free, short, and puffy. One of the best things about these wigs is that they are super cost-effective, native hair-friendly, and rich in styling but these are just some of the few reasons out of many reasons why these are loved by so many people. You can only buy TAG wigs from luvmehair store as it is their exclusive product.

Advantages of buying the TAG wigs

1. Versatility

These wigs offers style versatility as these wigs come in multiple textures and colors.

2. It can frame the face

These wigs mostly come with bangs with the purpose of framing the face very nicely.

3. Natural

As these wigs are made from real human hair so it looks very natural on the wearer.

4. Affordable

One of the best things about the TAG wigs is that this category is designed keeping the buyer budget in mind with the main purpose being to make it affordable for everyone.

Now if you are worried that since these wigs are glueless will they come off your head easily then please do not worry because the firmness of this wig is guaranteed.

U part wig

If you’re someone who’s looking for a wig that is quick and easy to install and you will get an effortless and natural look then a U part wig is something that is well worth your money. U part wig as you can tell from the name come with a U-shaped hole in the middle around which the hair is attached .The main purpose of this wig is to blend the wig with the real hair. This blending of the wig with natural hair makes it seems like the wearer has gorgeous, fuller, and voluminous hair.

From where can you buy the best quality U part wig?

At the luvmehair store you can buy U part wigs that have different densities depending on the occasion you are wearing them for like wedding, vacation, and so on. Along with the densities u part wigs come in different lengths such as long, short, and medium. Different Textures like wavy, curly, and straight. Different colors are available.


Both u part wig and TAG wigs have their own key features as well as benefits. Like the TAG wig is best for you if you’re someone who wants something that is very easy to install and style and doesn’t need you to spend a lot of money .Whereas u part wig is best for you if you want something that gives you are very natural look and make it seem like that your hair is fuller and thicker. It comes with the flexibility of changing your style frequently and more quickly. Now out of these two types of wigs which one you should actually buy depends on you but we hope that through this article that decision would be easier for you to make.